Does Anyone Really Need A Keurig For Cookies?

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It’s pretty amazing how many appliances are starting to use the single-serve, pod-based, Keurig-like method of delivering their goods to your mouth. The latest one to come to our attention is the CHiP Cookie Oven, that uses raw cookie pods with a barcode; the device scans the code, then uploads baking information to the appliance through WiFi. It’ll know just what temperature to set itself to, and for how long to circulate its hot air over your snacks, which will be ready in roughly 10 minutes. The cookie pods will be sold to you through a subscription service, which, depending on the service level, will give you cookies ranging in price from 88 cents to $2. Full retail price is expected to be $249, but the current Kickstarter campaign will give Early Birds a CHiP Cookie Oven for as little as $99.


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