AVEINE – The brand that enhances the pleasure of sharing

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Aveine was born out of an encounter between three entrepreneurs with a shared passion for wine and technology.It was naturally over a bottle of wine that they came up with an idea for a device that would reinvent winetasting. Tapping into France’s heritage as a great wine-producing country, and today’s advanced technology, Aveine creates connected objects and services that allow people to embrace authentic French art de vivre, which is all about exploring and sharing new experiences. Crafted as a lifestyle brand, Aveine is presenting its first product – the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator – perfectly calibrated to any bottle, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy wine at its best.

• Preciselycalculates the ideal aerationof any wine, allowing immediate consumption upon opening of the bottle.
• Uses patented technology to recreate the aeration process in a controlled manner by mixing air into the wine as it flows from the bottle, exposing it to more oxygen.
• The process does not alter the wine’s intrinsic qualities (no chemicals are involved).
• The wine aerator can be used with all types of wine bottles.