VR’s Favorite Mini Golf Game Gets Spooky with New Haunted Course

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Walkabout Mini Golf has been on a roll ever since it launched in late 2020, now counting 22 courses strong with the addition of a very spooky level just in time for Halloween: ‘Widow’s Walkabout’.

Developers Mighty Coconut say Widow’s Walkabout brings to the game a “mysterious cliffside manor [..] haunted by a playful spirit who’s possessed an eerie mini golf course like no other.”

The haunted course is said to pack in a bunch of spooky surprises and hints to an unsettling story the player can unravel. There is sure to be plenty of phantasmal objects, Victorian architecture, and “mischievous onlookers in this house of unending curiosities and supernatural shots,” the studio says.

Priced at $4, Mighty Coconut says Widow’s Walkabout also comes along with a set of themed avatar features, settings for spooky-averse and photosensitive players, and—as with every course—18 collectible lost balls and a commemorative in-game putter, which can be earned via a Foxhunt that also reveals the course’s sinister backstory.

“It’s also the game’s densest course to date in terms of details, props, and Easter eggs with a surprisingly high poly count for this beloved low-poly title,” the studio says. “And the glass and noir lighting are special technical tricks, designed to take players deep into the many archetypes of spooky storytelling from Alfred Hitchcock and the Addams Family to Victorian spiritualism and beyond.”

Walkabout Mini Golf has unleashed a seemingly never-ending torrent of courses over the past three years, including Atlantis, Upside Town, Temple At Zerzura, Alfheim – Land of the Elves, Laser Lair, and more. Moveover, the game is also getting an iOS version, called Walkabout Mini Golf: Pocket Edition, which will feature crossplay with Quest.

You can nab it over on the Meta Quest Store, Steam and PSVR 2, priced at $15.