Official AmazeVR Concerts App Launches With an Exclusive Zara Larsson Concert

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Do you remember missing an amazing concert by your favorite artist because you could not travel to another country or continent to attend it? This is no longer a problem. Thanks to AmazeVR, anyone can experience live shows using their newly-launched VR Concerts app.

Drawing on their previous experience working with artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Ceraadi, the company is celebrating the launch of their AmazeVR Concerts app with “Zara Larsson VR Concert”, the one-of-a-kind show by Swedish pop star Zara Larsson. Now, anyone can install the AmazeVR Concerts app and attend any concert available on the platform from the comfort of their home.

Virtual Events – the Future of Entertainment

The global health crisis we experienced made us rethink all types of interactions, from healthcare appointments and business meetings to concerts and theater shows. The VR concerts app developed by AmazeVR is one of the latest additions to immersive and interactive tools for entertainment.

This is a huge step forward both for artists and audiences. For artists, VR shows allow them to interact with more fans and monetize their work in new ways. For music fans, the barriers represented by long distances and finances for traveling suddenly disappear.

Zara Larsson Excited to Collaborate with AmazeVR

Known for hits such as “Lush Life”, “Ain’t My Fault”, and “End of Time”, Swedish pop star Zara Larsson exuded enthusiasm for collaborating with AmazeVR for the launch of  AmazeVR Concerts app.

“I’ve always believed that live music has the power to unite and transcend boundaries. As an artist, finding new ways to connect with my fans and deliver a truly immersive and unforgettable experience is super important to me,” she said in a press release shared with ARPost. “I’m thrilled to be working with AmazeVR to break through the fourth wall, and directly into the homes of fans around the world.”

Bringing Artists and Fans Together in the Virtual World

For AmazeVR, their VR Concerts app, available on Meta Quest 2 (App Lab) and SteamVR, is the crowning of years of developing and improving immersive solutions for the entertainment industry. Creating the first VR concerts and measuring the public response to them showed them that they were on the right path.

At AmazeVR we are ushering a new wave of innovation for music experiences, by providing artists with extraordinary and unparalleled avenues to be up close and personal with their fans,” said AmazeVR co-CEO and co-founder Steve Lee. “It is an honor to be launching the AmazeVR app alongside such an incredible artist like Zara. Her creativity has come together to create a showstopping performance and we can’t wait for her fans to enjoy the experience.”

A Busy Schedule for the Newly Launched AmazeVR Concerts App

The virtual reality concert experience app is set to attract fans of all types of music, including pop-rock, hip-hop, K-pop, rap, and more. Right now, the app is downloadable for free and offers one free song per artist. For the exclusive Zara Larsson VR concert, fans can purchase access for one year at an exclusive launch price of $6.99.