VR Shooter ‘The Burst’ Shows off High-flying Parkour & Rapid Shooting Action

You are currently viewing VR Shooter ‘The Burst’ Shows off High-flying Parkour & Rapid Shooting Action
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The Burst is an upcoming high-speed shooter that seems to pack in a ton of our favorite VR-native stuff: Spider-Man-style swinging, fast-paced movement, and weapon juggling galore.

Under development by GoRapid Studio, The Burst is a single-player shooter that looks to combine stuff like wall-running and rail-surfing as you swing around the game’s enemy-filled, interactive environments. Basically, a ton of opportunities for parkour.

As we see in the reveal trailer below, The Burst is set to include both a force grab and force pull ability so you can snag a new weapon right from the hands of your foe, not only giving you a fresh pipe gun, but also plenty of things like empty mags, random junk, heavy crates and more to use as thrown weapons.

Set in a once prosperous colonized planet, the only thing the remains now is a scorched radioactive penal colony, which GoRapid says is full of prisoner camps and settlements as well as ruins left after an ominous disaster simply called ‘The Burst’.

There’s still plenty to learn about The Burst, which is set to launch on Quest platform and SteamVR headsets some point this year; no info on a PSVR 2 release for now. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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