Wonderland Engine Is Here to Make WebXR Development Faster and Easier

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WebXR development is increasingly popular. Developers want to create content that users can enjoy without having to install apps or check the compatibility of their devices.

One of the companies working for the advancement of immersive technologies, Wonderland GmbH, based in Cologne, Germany, has recently announced one giant leap forward in this process. They have recently released Wonderland Engine 1.0.0, a WebXR development platform already vouched for by top content creators.

Wonderland Engine 1.0.0 – Bringing Native XR Performance to WebXR Development

What is special about the new engine launched by Wonderland? Its first benefit is the ability to mimic native XR performance. Before its launch, Wonderland Engine 1.0.0 passed the test of content creators.

WebXR development platform Wonderland Engine editor vr website with browser

Vhite Rabbit XR and Paradowski Creative, two companies creating XR games, used the engine to develop content. The Escape Artist, an upcoming title by Paradowski Creative, is created with Wonderland Engine 1.0.p0, and its developers say that it matches native games in terms of polish and quality.

“We’re excited to announce this foundational version of Wonderland Engine, as we seek to bridge the gap between native XR app development and WebXR,” said the CEO and founder of Wonderland, Jonathan Hale, in a press release shared with ARPost. “We see a bright future for the WebXR community, for its developers, hardware, support, and content.”

Top Features of Wonderland Engine 1.0.0

The developers who choose Wonderland GmbH’s WebXR development platform to create content will be able to use the following:

  • Full 8th Wall integration – complete integration of 8th Wall AR tracking features such as face tracking, image tracking, SLAM, and VPS;
  • Runtime API rewrite – better code completion, static checks for bugs before running the code, and complete isolation for integration with other libraries;
  • Translation tools – necessary for the localization of WebXR content;
  • Benchmarking framework – to check for content performance on various devices.

Developers can find the complete list of features and bug fixes on the official release page.

According to the company, Wonderland Engine users can launch their first running app into the browser in less than two minutes. With a bit of experience, users can build a multi-user environment that supports VR, AR, and 3D in 10 minutes, as demonstrated in this video.

The XR Development Platform Is Optimized for VR Browsers

To indicate their commitment to helping content creators, Wonderland GmbH is optimizing their tool specifically for the most popular VR browsers: Meta Quest Browser, Pico Browser, and Wolvic.  

Wonderland Engine WebXR meta browser

Wonderland Engine-based apps support any headset that has a browser available. Also, any headset released in the future will automatically be supported, if it has a browser. Apps created with Wonderland Engine can also run on mobile devices through the browser, as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which also allows them to run offline.

Apart from the two game development companies mentioned above, the company is also working with various content creators.

“It was crucial to bring the whole ecosystem with us to test and validate the changes we made. This resulted in a highly reliable base to build upon in upcoming versions,” Hale said. “By making it easier to build XR on the web we hope to attract developers and content creators to WebXR. We see WebXR truly being able to rival native apps and offer consumers a rich world of rapidly accessible content to enjoy.”

Meet the Wonderland Team at AWE USA 2023

The creators of Wonderland Engine 1.0.0 will present the WebXR development platform at AWE USA 2023 (use ARPost’s discount code 23ARPOSTD for 20% off your ticket), which is taking place in Santa Clara, CA between May 31 and June 2.

The company is one of the sponsors of the event and will also be present at the event in booth no. 605.