Lalaland launches Meta Model NFT exclusively for CES

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Award-winning fashion tech start-up Lalaland today announced the launch of its Meta Model NFT exclusively for CES. The Amsterdam-based company is the next name to venture into the virtual world as interest in the metaverse

and assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have surged over the past several months. 

Virtual fashion models, digital fashion, and blockchain collide in a global first with the launch of Lalaland’s new limited-edition NFT built using Lalaland’s Genesis Meta Model Creator.

Lalaland’s Genesis Meta Model Creator, launched at CES 2022, is a first-of-its-kind product. Fashion brands and retailers can leverage the tool to generate virtual fashion models of different body types, sizes, and skin complexions, helping them reduce cost and enjoy faster time to market for their on-model images.  

By combining crypto technology with virtual fashion models wearing digital fashion, Lalaland’s project marks the first time NFT artwork has been designed exclusively for CES visitors.

“The release of our NFT marks an exciting moment, because with this launch, we’re opening up new possibilities and value for NFTs, as well as a new distribution channel for our virtual fashion models,” said Lalaland’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Harold Smeeman.

Lalaland is forging a whole new realm in fashion, and the world has taken notice. Backed by Google’s Black Founders Fund, Lalaland has already created virtual fashion models that more than two million consumers see on a weekly basis. 

Lalaland will be showcasing the Meta Model NFT at CES in the NL Tech Square Start-Up Pavilion in Eureka Park at Tech West in the Venetian Expo Venue, Level 1, Hall G.  

To learn more about Lalaland, visit them online at

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Last modified: January 7, 2022

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