Now available everywhere, the Lili lamp helps dyslexic people to read more easily!

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January 4, 2022 by

Customizable, connected and portable, the Lili lamp helps people with dyslexia to read thanks to a patented technology awarded by the French National Academy of Medicine.

Designed for everyday use, the Lili lamp helps dyslexic people of all ages to get access to more fluent and enjoyable reading. Thanks to its patented technology, the Lili lamp allows an immediate and easier decryption of words, while reducing the tiredness experienced during a prolonged reading session. Portable and customizable via a dedicated app, the Lili lamp enables dyslexic people to express their full potential.

Making the lives of people with dyslexia happier is Lili’s ambition!

Lili for Life’s mission is to help people with dyslexia, as its slogan underlines: « With Lili, I read and live again ». With this patented technology, Lili for Life reinforces its ambition to offer a tool that makes reading easier for dyslexic people. According to World Health Organization, 8 to 10% of the world population has dyslexic disorders. Complementary to speech therapy sessions, this tool allows people with dyslexic disorders to progress in both reading and spelling.

How does it work?

Lili for Life has developed a technological device that produces almost imperceptible lights flashes, which correct the “mirror effect”. This innovative patented technology is based on the scientific discovery of two French physicists, Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars.

Rewarded in 2020 by the French National Academy of Medicine, they discovered that, unlike normal readers, people with dyslexic disorders have two dominant eyes. Therefore, while reading, they see mirror images, which causes an image overlay in their brain and makes reading difficult.

The flashes produced by the Lili lamp create a time lag in the processing of the visual perception of the letters, which removes these image overlays. Therefore, reading becomes more fluent, faster, less tiring, thus allowing a better understanding of the meaning of the text read.

Efficient for nearly 80 % of the Lili lamp users

Between May and September 2021, Lili for Life conducted a beta test on the effectiveness of its Lili lamp on thirty dyslexic people. At the end of the 4-month study, significant improvements in reading and understanding the text were noted for nearly 80% of the users.

The Lili lamp, the ideal tool for all dyslexic people

The Lili lamp has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible. The Lili for Life R&D team has worked on its shape, weight, autonomy, discretion and resistance. Designed to be easily transportable, it has an autonomy of 6 hours.

Foldable, light and supplied with its case, it can be stored easily in a school bag or a handbag to follow its user everywhere.

In order to allow each user to obtain optimized reading comfort, a personalized setting must be made from a smartphone after downloading the Liliforlife application from the Play Store or the App Store. Lili for Life offers its customers free support in this process.

Once set in a personalized way and switched on, no further manipulation is necessary for daily use. Discreet and without visual distractors, the Lili lamp is perfectly suited to school and professional environments.

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