Invoxia Announces Revolutionary BioMetric Smart Dog Collar

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a global leader in consumer and professional trackers that monitor cars, people, pets, and valuables, today announced its award winningSmart Dog Collar – the first consumer pet tracker to utilize artificial intelligence to monitor dog health and wellbeing, in addition to its whereabouts. Using cutting edge sensors, accurate accelerometers and embedded deep neural network capabilities, it can monitor a dog’s respiratory and heart vitals, detect anomalies in a dog’s behavior and alert owners and vets to potential health issues in a beloved pet, all while keeping track of the canine’s whereabouts. Expected to hit the market in Summer 2022, the Smart Dog Collar will be a game changer for pet owners. The combination of activity and vital sign monitoring gives a powerful 360° view of canine health that was previously unattainable.

They have a place in your heart, so make sure theirs is healthy!

Developed alongside veterinary specialists, Invoxia’s groundbreaking biometric Smart Collar boasts technology that can spot problems in a dog’s health before any visible signs surface and alert the owner in advance, increasing the chances of timely treatment and recovery.

One of a pet parent’s worst fears is that their beloved pet becomes ill, especially as it ages. While many dog owners are in tune with their pet’s behavior and temperament, we all wish we could be a little more advised on their health. Whether it’s post-surgery recovery, medication response monitoring, cardiac disease or chronic ongoing breathing difficulty, the Invoxia Smart Collar can provide insightful information to owners which can be shared with their vet. This is particularly useful for pet owners who have to regularly monitor their dog’s heart during both activity and rest periods, as the Invoxia Smart Collar continuously monitors and tracks the information to a dashboard – accessible via the accompanying Invoxia app.

Heart and respiratory conditions can occur at any stage in a dog’s life and can be both long and short term. For pet owners, these diseases are nearly impossible to diagnose and exceedingly complex to monitor, often going undetected and untreated – until now.

While detecting anomalies can be helpful, unless it’s possible to attribute meaning to the data, efforts to truly diagnose potential signs of trouble may be hindered. Invoxia’s AI technology solves that problem by taking advantage of its deep AI capabilities to decode the signs that the collar is monitoring. This makes it possible to identify and analyze anomalies to bring about early disease detection before any signs of concern surface.

Following a recent report by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Specialty of Cardiology, an expert in the field of veterinary medicine, Romain Pariaut DVM, DACVIM, DECVIM-CA of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University stated to Invoxia that: “for parents of dogs suffering from heart disease, structured home-based care programs that include continuous monitoring of respiratory and heart rate while attending to appetite and ideal body weight are encouraged. A higher than normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure.”

A New Frontier for Radar Sensors

The Invoxia Smart Collar features groundbreaking miniaturized radar sensors, coupled with Deep Neural Networks. Through this ‘patent pending’ technology, Invoxia is able to measure respiratory and heart rate seamlessly and in a non-invasive manner that would otherwise be impossible without uncomfortable electrodes.

Intelligent Real Time Tracking  – Don’t lose your dog, no matter how far away it runs!

Another worry for pet owners is the fear of losing their dog while out on walks, staying with a dog sitter or worse, having their pet stolen. Intelligently combining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M for connectivity, and having an exceptional battery life, the new Smart Dog Collar enables dog owners to locate their precious pooch in real time if it runs away, becomes lost or stolen.

Having launched its original Pet Tracker in 2018, Invoxia has used the data collected from millions of days of pet activity to enhance its tracking and activity monitoring feature. As the market leader in GPS tracking across Western Europe, Invoxia masterfully utilizes its deep understanding of tracking technology to deliver peace of mind to dog parents.

The Smart Collar’s sensors can accurately monitor a dog’s daily activities, and differentiate between walking, running, scratching, eating/drinking, barking and rest periods. It can keep an eye on your dogs’ outings with the dog sitter, ensure your dog walker is going the distance, or feel confident that your dog is in good hands with friends and family. Don’t lose touch with your dog, no matter how far away you might be.

Complete with escape alerts, the collar is capable of keeping track of even the most runaway-prone dog. With its built-in buzzer, you can detect your pup, for instance, if it’s close by, if it’s hiding under a car, or trapped in a garage. In addition, the integrated GPS locator gives owners the ability to locate their dog if stolen while wearing the Smart Collar.

Ultimately, the Smart Dog Collar tackles two main concerns of pet owners – health and whereabouts.   Invoxia is aiming to ease the mind of pet parents.

Data opening new doors to advances in canine medicine

As we’ve seen for humans, keeping track of a canine’s vitals and everyday activity can improve daily wellbeing and long-term health. Building on 4 years of pet activity data collected by earlier pet wearables, Invoxia Smart Collar takes data collection one step further.

Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia notes that, “Until now, data has been difficult to collect so there are few studies that provide vital feedback on pet health from everyday activity or continuous monitoring. With the Smart Collar, the ability to collect at scale a large quantity of data over time, will open up incredible doors for research on correlations between vital signs and dog illnesses. This is how we discover new biomarkers, treatments and medicines.

Comfort and Style

Initially aimed at medium to large dog owners, the highly functional and feature-led Smart Dog Collar is also stylish and comfortable. The versatile design ensures that sensor location is practical and ideally placed for weight distribution and pet comfort while guaranteeing reliability, even through thick fur.  The collar will be available in a range of colors and has an elegant, sleek finish. The removable fabric covering can be washed after a particularly muddy and wet run.

The collar features best-in-class battery life giving you peace of mind for weeks at a time.

Pricing and Availability

The Smart Dog Collar will be available commercially in Summer 2022 for an estimated price of $99 with an estimated monthly subscription cost of $12.99.

*The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is a winner of two CES Innovation Awards in the categories Wearable Technologies and Health and Wellness.

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