Apple Reveals Alternate Headstrap That Will Ship With Vision Pro

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Alongside the release date announcement of Vision Pro, Apple revealed a new headstrap that will ship with Vision Pro, alongside the originally revealed one.

Apple today revealed a new headstrap for Vision Pro which it’s calling the ‘Dual Loop’. Compared to the wide and cozy-looking headstrap that was originally shown with the headset, the Dual Loop looks more like a traditional VR headset strap, including a top strap.

Dual Loop Band | Image courtesy Apple

The new Dual Loop strap has a less wide rear strap that hangs a little lower under the back of the head, and replaces the tightening dial with what looks like a velcro approach.

Apple says the Dual Loop will ship with Vision Pro alongside the originally revealed headset (the ‘Solo Knit Band’), “giving users two options for the fit that works best for them.”

Solo Knit Band | Image courtesy Apple

As far as we know, it should be possible to combine the headset’s top strap with the Solo Knit Band if one desires.

It’s unclear if the inclusion of this new strap was always part of the company’s plan, or if this is the company reacting to feedback that Vision Pro is actually rather heavy and definitely benefits from a top strap.

Apple also confirmed today the Vision Pro release date and pre-order date.