Vision Pro Pricing Tops Out at $3,900 for 1TB of Storage, Pre-orders Open Now

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Apple Vision Pro pre-orders start today and with them come additional details like the range of storage options and prices.

When I was sitting in the crowd during the announcement of Vision Pro at WWDC last year, I recall hearing an audible reaction from the crowd when the company mentioned the $3,500 price point at the very end of the headset’s pitch. Although various high-end enterprise XR headsets have been sold for as much or more, Vision Pro is the most expensive headset we’ve seen to date that’s primarily aimed at consumers.

With Vision Pro pre-orders open as of today, we’re now seeing that the $3,500 cost was the “starting at” price, as the headset can go up to $3,900 depending upon storage options. And the price can go a bit higher still if you need vision correction.

Apple Vision Pro Storage Prices
  • Vision Pro 256GB – $3,500
  • Vision Pro 512GB – $3,700
  • Vision Pro 1TB – $3,900
Apple Vision Pro Vision Correction Insert Prices
  • Reader Inserts – $100
  • Prescription Inserts – $150

Luckily Apple isn’t charging for other useful accessories (at least not yet). Here’s what comes included in the box with Vision Pro:

  • Headset with Light Seal
  • External Battery
  • 30W USB-C adapter and USC-C cable
  • 2 × Light Seal Cushions
  • Solo Knit Band
  • Dual Loop Band
  • Vision Pro Cover
  • Polishing Cloth

Apple also offers this Vision Pro Purchase FAQ:

  • Can I wear my glasses while using Apple Vision Pro?
    • No. Apple Vision Pro was specifically designed to be used without glasses. If you wear glasses for vision correction, you may need to purchase ZEISS Optical Inserts. They magnetically attach to Apple Vision Pro to provide precise viewing for those who need glasses or certain contacts.
  • How will I know if I need ZEISS Optical Inserts?
    • When you order Apple Vision Pro, we’ll ask you a series of vision questions. Your answers will determine whether or not you need optical inserts. Generally speaking, if you don’t wear any vision correction options, you likely won’t need ZEISS Optical Inserts. The same is true if you wear soft contact lenses to correct your distance vision since Apple Vision Pro works well with most soft contact lenses.
  • If I need ZEISS Optical Inserts, how do I provide my prescription?
    • Once we determine that you need ZEISS Optical Inserts, you can complete your purchase and upload your prescription to ZEISS. If you need more time, we’ll also send you an email so you can upload your prescription later.
  • Can I share Apple Vision Pro with someone else?
    • Yes. That person may need a different head band or Light Seal size for the best experience with Apple Vision Pro.
  • What will the experience be for U.S.-based customers traveling internationally?
    • Apple Vision Pro is great for travel and when U.S. customers travel abroad, the experience will remain consistent. That means all of their apps and content will remain accessible while traveling, so they can use apps and enjoy music, TV, and movies.On the airplane, customers can turn on Travel Mode which adapts Apple Vision Pro to the unique motion of commercial air travel to give you the best experience. They can dial in an Environment, wear AirPods Pro (2nd generation), and sit back to enjoy a movie while seats and sounds around them disappear.
  • Can I buy Apple Vision Pro in the U.S. and take it back to my country/region?
    • Apple Vision Pro is only available for sale in the U.S and is designed for customers in the U.S. to use at home, at work, and while traveling. We look forward to bringing Apple Vision Pro to more countries later this year.
  • If an international customer purchases Apple Vision Pro in the U.S. and then tries to use it abroad, how does their experience differ from a U.S.-based customer
    • Apple Vision Pro only supports English (U.S.) for language and typing and English for Siri and Dictation.
    • App Store requires an Apple ID with region set to the U.S.
    • Purchases on Apple Music and TV app require an Apple ID with region set to the U.S.
    • For customers with vision correction needs, ZEISS will only accept vision prescriptions written by U.S. eye care professionals, and will only ship to U.S. locations.
    • Customers may not be able to access certain apps, features, or content due to licensing or other restrictions in those countries or regions.

      Apple Support is only available in the U.S.
  • Are ZEISS Optical Inserts reimbursable under my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA) in the U.S.?
    • ZEISS Optical Inserts may be reimbursable under FSA or HSA. Please check with your FSA/HSA plan administrator.
  • Are ZEISS Optical Inserts covered by insurance benefits?
    • Some vision insurance providers may allow you to receive reimbursement of your order. Please check with your vision insurance provider.

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