‘Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures’ Coming Soon as VR Space Sim Gets Final Teaser Trailer

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It seems Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures is rounding the bend, as the promising VR cockpit adventure has released its final teaser trailer, showing off more of its madcap ship management and action-arcade combat.

In Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures you pilot your own starship, which not only tasks you with maneuvering the craft around manually (as you do), but also keeping all of the ship’s systems in check, including shields, weapons, life support, thrusters, stabilizers—all of which are powered by a bank of constantly depleting batteries.

Meanwhile, you’re being chased through the galaxy with a little alien pal in tow, something the developers Stardust Collective say you “may or may not have stolen from the evil Empire.”

There’s no release date yet for the plucky ship simulator, although it now has a big ‘coming soon’ appended to both its Steam and new Quest Store pages.

In the game’s Discord, the developers say in an update that they’ve now crossed into the “hardening’ phase, saying that both features and content are now complete.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Stardust Collective’s Twitter for more info as it arrives.

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