VR Creation Tool ‘Masterpiece X’ Comes to Quest 2 for Free

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Masterpiece Studio, the developers behind the titular PC VR creative suite, released a new version of its software built natively for Quest 2, something its creators hope will appeal to people looking for an easy way to make models, avatars, and other 3D assets.

Called Masterpiece X, the free creation tool is now live on the Quest platform, bringing with it the ability to remix existing models and make it your own through “a more playful and fluid workflow: 3D remixing, which is the process of creating new content by modifying old content,” explains studio founder Jonathan Gagne in a Meta blog post.

The developers say Masterpiece X hopes to target the hobbyist creator market by offering people an easy-to-use app that lowers historic barriers of entry.

“Traditionally, 3D creation has been an extremely complex and technical topic,” says Masterpiece Studio Designer Polina Berseneva. “That’s why so many traditional tools are so challenging for beginners—there’s just so much to learn.”

Here’s how the studio describes Masterpiece X:

  • remix any part of your model – from mesh to texturing, rigging, and animation
  • find free-to-use models in the community library (or import or generate your own – coming soon!)
  • export your model to your game, virtual world, or creative project, and
  • share it with our community to inspire & help others!

The studio says Masterpiece X isn’t targeted at experienced 3D modelers, animators, or creators looking for a tool to build assets from scratch instead of remixing, as the app emphasizes ease of use over complexity.

You can find Masterpiece X is available for free on Quest 2 and Quest Pro.