Vision Pro Currently Only Has Around 200 Native Apps Ready for Launch

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There’s going to be a ton of apps available on Vision Pro day one, with more than one million iOS and iPad apps working in compatibility mode on Apple’s first mixed reality headset. While Apple is positioning the $3,500 headset as a general computing device for work and casual media consumption, as it stands today, there’s only around 200 native apps coming to the headset at launch.

A number of native VisionOS apps come pre-installed on Vision Pro, which include:

  • App Store
  • Encounter Dinosaurs (AR app)
  • Files
  • Freeform
  • Keynote
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Mindfulness (AR app)
  • Music
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Safari
  • Settings
  • Tips
  • TV

Despite Apple touting Vision Pro’s access to more than 150 3D movies across various streaming services, the headset will notably lack apps for YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix.

There’s also set to be a number compatible apps (non-native) that come pre-installed, including Books, Calendar, Home, Maps, News, Podcasts, Reminders, Shortcuts, Stocks, and Voice Memos. You’re not here for that though—only the VisionOS natives.

The number of apps coming on launch day doesn’t seem to be fixed for now; we’ve heard rumors that it’s estimated to have between 250 – 400 native Vision Pro apps on day one, with many coming from independent developers. That doesn’t mean they’re all AR apps though, but rather they’ve been optimized specifically to work on Vision Pro.

Appfigures, the mobile analytics and intelligence platform, provided Road to VR with a comprehensive list of Vision Pro native apps. At the time of this writing, the list totals 196 third-party apps. Provided there’s any meaningful change, we’ll be updating this list as we get closer to the headset’s February 2nd launch.

Notably, around 80 percent of the ~200 apps are free, with a majority appearing to be essentially just optimized versions of 2D apps. It’s difficult to tell just yet, however AR standouts include LEGO Builder’s Journey, Sky Guide, Jigspace, and, well.. we won’t know more until Vision Pro lands on out doorsteps early next month.

App Name Developer Price (US)
Complete HeartX 3D4Medical from Elsevier $49.99
PCalc TLA Systems Ltd. $9.99
Simplefax – fax app Furnace Creek Software LLC $7.99
Longplay Adrian Schoenig $6.00
Secrets – Data Vault Michel Willems $5.99
LOSER – A Word Game Nino Lindo Development LLC $5.99
SharePal – Quick info sharing! Illumineering $4.99
ReminderCal – Reminders to Cal Bilaal Rashid $4.99
Surfboard – RSS Reader Ian Leon $4.99
TV Launcher – Live US Channels Adam Foot $4.99
MWeather – Weather Forecast Michael Lindinger $4.99
LinkReflector mobiadroit, llc $4.99
Void-X James Swiney $3.99
CMSPlayer Yuzhou Zhuang $3.99
Vantage Point Galleries John Davis $3.99
Play: Save Videos Watch Later Loop Apps LTDA $2.99
App Sales+ 256 Arts Inc. $2.99
GIF & Video Maker: Blue Cap Co William Richards $2.99
Textcraft Shihab Mehboob $2.99
Word Filter X Keisuke Chinone $2.99
Left Right Center Dot Dice John Archer $1.99
Mindful Habits: To-Do & Goals Gustavo Severo $1.99
Pressed Coins 4 WDW Hollis Ambrose $1.99
Pressed Coins 4 DLR Hollis Ambrose $1.99
Voice in a Can Atadore $1.99
Shutters for SOMA Connect Hub Adam Foot $1.99
Terminal Info Patrick Busch $0.99
UI Tracer Leonid Liadveikin $0.99
Date Memos 泽新 李 $0.99
CP Clock Connecting People Software $0.99
Holiday Gifts List 256 Arts Inc. $0.99
Suzan’s Budgets Eerko Vissering $0.99
Haptics – Test Haptic Feedback Adam Foot $0.99
Sprite Cutter+ 256 Arts Inc. $0.99
My Assets+ 256 Arts Inc. $0.99
NQSubBlock – Block Sub Banner Adam Foot $0.99
Transparent Notes Rozga Wojciech Free
Numerics – Business Dashboards Cynapse Free
Bookie – Reading Tracker Jakub Milcarz Free
Quran Pro: Read, Listen, Learn Quanticapps Ltd Free
SubManager Ahnaf Mahmud Free
PoetryBot 恒宇 周 Free
Localizator XCLOC Xcstrings Sparrow Code Free
Access: Secure Storage Foyer Objet Inc. Free
Clipboard Manager – PastePal Khoa Pham Free
Plates – License Plate Finder Frank Schmitt Free
Summoning Stone Beau Nouvelle Free
Camarts Photography 天信 翁 Free
Citations Eshan Marneedi Free
Ice Cubes for Mastodon Thomas Ricouard Free
Tide Guide: Charts & Tables Condor Digital Free
Odio – AR Soundscapes Odio Media Free
Sky Guide Fifth Star Labs LLC Free
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Corporation Free
Box: The Content Cloud Box, Inc. Free
Red Bull TV: Watch Live Events Red Bull Free
MUBI: Stream Great Cinema MUBI, Inc. Free
Keynote Apple Free
Retrogram in Color Free
Clock mini Kai Luo Free
Pace Clock Jason Fleischer Free
Trivia By AI i4islam Free
Film Noir for Trakt Just Watch Thomas Angistalis Free ARTE.TV Free
AdBlock Pro: Browser AdBlocker Crypto Inc. Free
Ultimate Focus – Focus Timer Jung Min Seok Free
Contact Eclipse Matthew Harrington Free
Crumblr — Hide cookies popups Luca Champoussin Free
Daily: Bible Reading Devin Davies Free
TileSwap Sleek & Fun Basile Cornet Free
Buchen – Bookmarks William Baer Free
Expenses: Spending Tracker BLUE COMET LABS LLC Free
AI Floor Plan Design – CamPlan Viktor Maric Free
SF TimeTable Harry Shamansky Free
Race Capture Shihab Mehboob Free
Death To _blank Keisuke Chinone Free
StudyDirect William Gallegos Free
ArtiXway Aitrailblazer, LLC Free
What The Score Matteo Comisso Free
Foxar Foxar Free
Mercury Weather Triple Glazed Studios Free
Runestone Text Editor Simon B. Støvring Free
Illustrated BorderLeap Free
MTG Scanner – Lion’s Eye Orlando Gabriel Herrera Free
Plant Daddy — Water Reminders Jordan Hipwell Free
CardPointers for Credit Cards CardPointers LLC Free
Daily Planner Task List – Mono 3CUPS PTY LTD Free
Rocket Homes Real Estate Rocket Homes Real Estate, LLC Free
Find Lost BLE Device Tracker Stephen Fung Free
Globetrotter: Travel Tracker Shihab Mehboob Free
Uncheck X Keisuke Chinone Free
Kanban Board – Reality Tasks Viktor Maric Free
OmniPlan 4 The Omni Group Free
WineTaster 3 Justin Purnell Free
KuukanJukugo TTO Inc. Free
Instructor – Learner Progress Adam Foot Free
Ambre: Recipe Organizer Ambi Studio AB Free
Night Sky iCandi Apps Ltd. Free
Patterned BorderLeap Free
Parcel – Delivery Tracking Ivan Pavlov Pty Ltd Free
EMDR Bas Oppenheim Free
JigSpace: 3D Presentations JigSpace Inc. Free
Chinendar: Chinese Calendar Yuncao Liu Free
PDF Editor, PDF Book Reader Milad Fakhr Free
Stickies Pro: Sticky Notes App 奕琦 冯 Free
Finance Bay: Portfolio Tracker Arkadiusz Szczepkowicz Free
Elite Hoops Basketball Day Well Spent LLC Free
SoftEXIT Groups SoftEXIT, LLC Free
Sozzled Explorer for Sketchfab Sozzled LLC Free
TestFlight Apple Free deeje LLC Free
Today in History Rafael Francisco Free
Aiko Sindre Sorhus Free
Being Boring Peter Borg Apps AB Free
TimeBank – SaveTime&KillTime 睿 刘 Free
MoneySpaces Budget For Couples MoneyCoach UG Free
Facades Michael Steeber Free
JobLog – Application Tracker iT Guy Technologies Free
Sequel • Media Tracker Romain Lefebvre Free
SixD Haolun Yang Free
Buoy Weather: Marine Forecast Condor Digital Free
Paraquip Simon Seyer Free
VegasMate Travel Guide Hunter Hillegas Free
Plan Poke William Baer Free
Zoom – One Platform to Connect Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Free
Alpenglow: Sunset Prediction Andrew Yates Free
Healium Mobile StoryUP, Inc. Free
MoneyCoach Budget, Track Money MoneyCoach UG Free
Sprite Catalog 256 Arts Inc. Free
Bills To Budget CoreBits LLC Free
ChatAl – AI Chat Bot Assistant Talgat Kussainov Free
Flourish Garden Pioneer Ed. PlanningMyGarden Free
Flippy • Learn Flashcards Kevin Reutter Free
Tides – high and low tide info Andy Lin Free
Animant: Spatial Memories Jonathan Benjamin Free
WHEE-专业设计师都在用的AI生图工具 Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd. Free
TV Remote – Universal Remote Adam Foot Free
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Corporation Free
Microsoft Word Microsoft Corporation Free
Airmail – Your Mail With You Bloop S.R.L. Free
One Task Sindre Sorhus Free
NobodySurf – Surfing Videos reblue Inc. Free
Sunlitt – Golden Hour Tracker Nicolas Mariniello Free
Liberate the Labels National Portrait Gallery Free
Algo: AI Text To Art Generator Stephen Fung Free
Spindown – Life Tracker Joseph Beaudoin Free
Peppercorn – Recipes & Lists Jason Johnson Free
stitch. Lykkegaard Europe Limited Free
Coffee Book Alexander Logan Free
AquaCalculator Thallos Free
Disney+ Disney Free
KDE Education Krystian Sztrajt Free
Fantastical Calendar Flexibits Inc. Free
Simple Countdowns Gabriel Verret Free
Test Timer – Monitor Your Time Andy Lin Free
Trove: Bible Talks Devin Davies Free
Water Tracker WaterMinder® Funn Media, LLC Free
Kitsune for MyAnimeList Alexandre Madeira Free
Bento|Craft – Marketing Assets rakTech LLC Free
Battery Webhook Adam Tunnicliff Free
Pines: Tent & RV Camping Guide Blue Mountain Studios, LLC Free
Gymaholic Workout Tracker Devenyi Gabor Free
CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar Grailr LLC Free
Webex Cisco Free
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Corporation Free
Doodle‎ Drawing Pad Joe Blau Free
Planny • Daily Planner Kevin Reutter Free
Memorize – Learn and Remember Jakub Milcarz Free
Loóna: Cozy Puzzle Games Loona Inc Free
Qlone 3D Scanner EyeCue Vision Tech Free
SafeShell VPN – Fast & Secure GearUP Portal PTE. LTD. Free
Interactful Harley Thomas Free
Reflect – Journal and Grow Jakub Milcarz Free
Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax Endel Free
Consolidate: Study Planner Nicholas Baughan Free
heypster-gif 5 Heypster Free
Sleep & Meditation by Noomna Aalto Studio FZE Free
Naps Jack Delaney Free
GameTrack Hidden Key LTD Free
FFmpeg Command Generator Sun Apps, LLC Free
Memorii Vincent Tourraine Free
Classix Brian Coleman Free
Rad Timers & Widgets Neat Software Co. Free
Toolbox: Tools Right Here Elijah Friedman Free
ManGo – Anime & Manga Tracker RocketScience IT Free
NowPlaying – Music Trivia Modum B.V. Free
Wylde Flowers Studio Drydock Pty Ltd Free
Cut the Rope 3 ZeptoLab UK Limited Free
chess vs robots Shihab Mehboob Free
Jetpack Joyride 2 Halfbrick Studios Free
Crouton: Recipe Manager Devin Davies Free
MyExpenses app Marek Pridal Free
LEGO® Builder’s Journey LEGO Free
Crunchyroll Crunchyroll, LLC Free