Virtex Stadium Adds Counter-Strike to Its Virtual Esports Titles

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Esports fans are in for a new experience at the Virtex Stadium. Aside from EchoVR, users can now watch live gameplays of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike 2.

Virtex has partnered with Skybox Technologies to bring this unique spectator experience to gaming enthusiasts. With Counter-Strike as the first significant esports title at the Virtex Stadium, the virtual esports fan base on the platform is bound to grow faster.

An Immersive Experience for Counter-Strike Gamers and Fans

Following the launch of the Echo VR title on the platform, Counter-Strike allows fans to enjoy more top-level gameplay. “As the third most watched esport last year, CS: GO already has an enormous following, and we’re excited to be working with Skybox to deliver a 360° spectating experience unique to every fan,” said Virtex CEO and co-founder, Tim Mcguinness, in a press release shared with ARPost.

virtex stadium esports title counter-strike

Using their desktop and compatible VR headsets, users enter the Virtex Stadium, which is still in closed beta, where they can watch live gameplays recreated in 3D. They can customize their Ready Player Me avatars, meet other fans in the lobby, and enter the virtual arena. They can sit on the stadium seats to watch gameplay in full view or immerse themselves in the battle by diving into the map.

They can see opening duels, site retakes, and clutches up close. Dynamic map controls allow them to maneuver easily and spectate at any site they want. The epic virtual effects and sounds create a deep 3D spectator experience that’s like no other.

Collaborating to Make Fan Experiences More Meaningful

Virtex, a London-based software development company, has been at the forefront of esports. Its Virtex Stadium provides sports and gaming enthusiasts with an innovative VR platform where they can experience esports at a whole new level.

Founded in 2020, Virtex brings together the expertise of tech entrepreneur Christoph Ortlepp and seasoned VR player Tim Mcguinness. Sharing a vision to redefine the esports fan experience, they are collaborating with partners across the tech and esports space to bolster the capabilities of the Virtex Stadium.

virtex stadium esports event

In the past year, the company worked with Skybox Technologies to integrate Counter-Strike maps into the virtual stadium. A provider of spectator and analysis solutions, Skybox helps ensure that in-game models, key modes, and spectator tools are functioning smoothly at the Virtex Stadium.

It provides real-time data and 3D game recreations that allow users to view Counter-Strike gameplay from every angle. It also ensures that map control and all gameplay features work seamlessly to make the 3D viewing experience more enjoyable.

According to Ethan Cooper, CEO of Skybox Technologies, Virtex has done an outstanding job at building out the Virtex Stadium. “We are proud that via the Skybox and Virtex partnership, fans can soon experience live Counter-Strike in a whole new way. It’s an exciting time for our respective companies, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with additional game titles and new experiences,” he said.

This collaboration paves the way for more meaningful fan experiences across the globe. Fans can dive into the map and watch the players they follow in action. They can explore different areas during the matches or meet other fans in virtual hangout spaces.

More to Come From The Growing Virtex Community

The partnership between Virtex and Skybox has just begun. Through their continued collaboration, we can expect more tournaments and esports titles at the Virtex Stadium in the next few months. Virtex is also pitching to more partners to widen its offerings and make the platform even more engaging. It wants to collaborate with tournament organizers, teams that want dedicated stadiums for their fans, and brands that want to run activations on virtual platforms.

A die-hard esports fan, Tim Mcguinness is eager to announce more upcoming tournaments they are set to feature in the Virtex Stadium. But, for now, fans can enjoy the closed beta program and be among the first to experience this virtual esports stadium.

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