‘Tokyo Chronos’ Studio MyDearest Secures $7.8M to Further Expand IP on Quest & PSVR 2

You are currently viewing ‘Tokyo Chronos’ Studio MyDearest Secures $7.8M to Further Expand IP on Quest & PSVR 2
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MyDearest, the Japan-based VR studio behind the Chronos adventure game franchise, announced it’s secured $7.8 million (1.2 billion yen), something the studio says it will use to expand its existing IP for VR headsets, such as Meta Quest and PSVR 2.

The investment was led by SBI Investment Co., Ltd. and is joined by DG Daiwa Ventures Inc., NetEase Games, Wing Capital Partners, Ltd., OLM Ventures Inc., Samurai Incubate Inc., Dentsu Group and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital.

MyDearest initially specialized in patently Japanese-style adventure games that is heavily influenced by manga, including Tokyo Chronos (2019), Altdeus: Beyond Chronos (2020), and Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate (2022).

With the funding, the studio hopes to further expand both its original IP and publishing business. Coming in 2024 is the studio’s first multiplayer shooter, Brazen Blazerepresenting the studio’s first big step clearly outside of the adventure game genre.

According to MyDearest CEO Kento Kishigami, the studio hopes to use the funding to better appeal to users worldwide, and not just in Japan.

“Until now, MyDearest has been a frontrunner in VR games representing Japan, but with this round of funding, it will become a frontrunner in VR games “representing the world.” The technology of VR holds the potential to create entertainment experiences that will become the common language in a new world.”

Founded in 2016, the latest round brings the company’s total funding to $16.1 million (2.4 billion yen) to date.

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