‘Tokyo Chronos’ Studio Announces VR Team Shooter ‘Brazen Blaze’, Coming in 2024

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MyDearest, the Japan-based studio behind the Tokyo Chronos VR series, revealed it’s next VR game, a team shooter called Brazen Blaze.

The studio describes Brazen Blaze as a “3v3 smack & shoot VR action with a heavy focus on close quarter melee combat.”

You’ll be able to “choose from a variety of characters with unique skills to destroy whatever lies in your path to achieve victory,” the game’s Steam page reads.

As seen in the reveal trailer, Brazen Blaze equips players with super-powerful gauntlets that let you dash through the air and destroy buildings, punch your enemy into space, and offers up some unique weapons to do things like shoot mini-missiles, activate large gravity fields, heal friends, etc.

There’s still plenty to learn about Brazen Blaze before its 2024 launch; MyDearest has only said so far that it’s targeting SteamVR headsets, where it will hold the game’s initial closed alpha. The studio’s head of oversees marketing & producer Alberto Moreno however confirmed in the game’s Discord that “Quest 2 can run the game,” which could mean we’re getting a version for Quest 2 and Quest 3 too.

In the meantime, you can request access to the game’s alpha test by joining the Brazen Blaze Discord (invite link), which will be open for signups up until September 24th. Announcements of who gets into the alpha are due on September 28th, with the closed alpha set to take place between October 6th – 8th.