TikTok is the First Big Social Media Platform to Launch a Native Vision Pro App

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Vision Pro launched with over a million iOS apps earlier this month alongside a little over 600 native apps created specifically for visionOS. That number has grown steadily, although the biggest entrant lately is TikTok, the first social media giant to be available as a native app on Vision Pro.

TikTok parent company ByteDance released what it calls “a newly imagined” version of its the popular video sharing platform on the $3,500 Vision Pro, which is decidedly different from the straight Android port the company brought to Pico 4, a device from sister company Pico Interactive.

The company says it’s been able to do a few things different thanks to Vision Pro’s immersive ability to break beyond the typical smartphone screen ratio, such as make a larger video search window, move the navigation bar and like button off-screen to optimize for full video viewing, and expand the comment section and creator profiles on the side of the feed.

Image courtesy TikTok

Like many 2D apps on the headset, TikTok for Vision Pro lets you use immersive backgrounds, letting you ‘pinch to like’ and scroll away the day at the foot of Yosemite Nation Park’s El Capitán mountain, or on the Moon. Simply turn the headset’s digital crown to blend in the virtual background.

Still, the Vision Pro-native app isn’t exactly breaking from the company’s time-tested mold, as the platform’s content still serves up the standard vertical videos we’re all used to, albeit in significantly larger virtual screen than you might normally have. Then again, that was mostly expected when we found TikTok among the then incomplete list of native Vision Pro apps prior the headset’s launch.

While viewing videos is pretty straight forward, posting your own content from within Vision Pro is another story for now, as it seems to be a feature still in development. You can check out TikTok’s Vision Pro app in action below, courtesy CNET: