This blisteringly hot AI-powered grill cooks food ‘up to 10x faster’

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UK startup Seergrills has invented the world’s first AI-enabled grill that is so insanely hot  it can cook food up to 10x faster than conventional methods. 

The mean BBQ machine — dubbed Perfecta — achieves this feat using proprietary NeuralFire technology. This consists of two vertical infrared burners which rapid-cook anything from steak to pizza at a blistering 900ºC. For comparison, recipes typically suggest steak be cooked on a gas grill at around 250ºC.

To power the grill, users begin by placing their chosen item into the vertical grill, selecting the desired doneness and sear level on a touchscreen display, and then hitting Start. 

The machine is powered by an AI algorithm that calculates the time needed to cook the food based on size, surface area, and fat content, and the burners adapt as required. The “perfectly cooked” result is then ready to eat in no more than three minutes.  

The machine allows you to choose how you’d like your steak cooked. Credit: Seergrills

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Most importantly for meat fanatics, the machine optimises conditions for the Maillard reaction, a chemical reaction between proteins and sugars that gives browned food its unique flavour, the company said on its website. 

The Perfecta was invented by Suraj Sudera, who honed his skills while studying mechanical and ophthalmic engineering at the UK’s Aston University. Since its founding in 2020, Birmingham-based Seergrills has grown to 48 people, many of whom are Aston University alumni.

“We noticed there is often difficulty and inconsistency in cooking food; it’s mostly always overcooked and dry, taking a long time,” said Suraj. “So, we decided to use our skills and knowledge to apply AI to cook the perfect steak and set up Seergrills.”

The startup claims Perfecta, which is its very first product, is not only the world’s first AI-powered grill, but also the world’s fastest grill, the world’s most intelligent grill, and the world’s most efficient grill. (It uses purportedly 50% less energy than other BBQ methods due to the ultraquick cooking time and focused heat). 

The culinary gadget should soon be available for preorder. Prospective buyers who place a $100 deposit now will be eligible for a discount of up to 28%, once the official launch commences. The AI grill is expected to cost in the region of $3,500.

While excruciatingly annoying, this video does a decent job illustrating how the AI-powered grill works: