ROSE Partners With Premier League for AR Experience Celebrating Summer Series

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Whether you’re an American fan of British football, or a citizen of the British Commonwealth spending time in the States, the Premier League Summer Series might be just what the doctor ordered.

The first-ever Premier League Summer Series will see six football clubs face off in five US cities from July 22 to July 30. Even if you can’t watch the matches live and in person, you can find trophies thanks to an AR experience from ROSE.

“The Hunt Is On.” – Celebrating the Summer Series in AR

Over the years, digital experience company ROSE has worked with industry giants including Mastercard, KHAITE, Patrón, adidas, Bloomingdales, and others. A current partnership with the Premier League and UK strategic consultancy and creative studio Doppelgänger might be their biggest partnership yet – and there are no tickets required.

“Doppelgänger created the idea of an augmented reality-powered trophy hunt experience for fans and in looking for an expert partner in the space, enlisted ROSE to advise on how the experience could be executed and ultimately design and build the experience,” ROSE Associate Creative Director Nicole Riemer told ARPost.

According to Managing Director at Doppelgänger, Max Proctor, “AR and broader metaverse activations are helping the world’s biggest brands to build loyalty and engagement with their audiences by connecting with them in new and exciting ways.”

The Summer Series is a major sporting event and is bringing in even more people into the experience than into the stadiums. Organizers turned to ROSE and WebXR authoring and hosting company 8th Walla duo that has worked together on multiple large-scale applications.

“Having been a long-time partner with 8th Wall, we are always looking for new ways to use their technology and use cases that push the way augmented can be used as well as made more accessible for brands,” said Riemer. “In this case study we utilized a number of 8th Wall’s newer features including face segmentation and sky segmentation.”

Experiencing the Summer Series

There are different ways to interact with the activation depending on whether you’re in or around any of the cities. That’s right, you can still join in on the fun, even if you aren’t in any of the cities hosting the Summer Series.

The five cities hosting the Summer Series are:

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
  • Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Orlando, Florida,
  • Harrison, New Jersey, and
  • Landover, Maryland.

Premier League Trophy Hunt AR experience

“Since the Summer Series is only in five cities, not every fan will have the opportunity to come to a game, but that doesn’t mean that they support their favorite teams any less,” said Riemer. “We created the at-home experience as a way for fans anywhere in the United States to show their support for their team and experience the Premier League trophy.”

Exploring Host Cities

If you’re in one or more of those cities between now and July 19, you can use the Premier League Trophy Hunt mobile AR experience to look for 20 augmented reality trophies (that’s one for each club in the Premier League). Naturally, you need to enter your location to hunt for the AR trophies.

Premier League Trophy Hunt experience in the cities

For each trophy that fans find, they get one entry into sweepstakes for tickets to the games. Fans who find all of the trophies get one entry into another drawing for a signed Premier League jersey.

Supporting Teams From Home

If you’re a fan of the Premier League but won’t be in one of the host cities, you can still engage in the web experience, if differently. Fans anywhere can view the Premier League Trophy in augmented reality, use face filters, and post the results to social media.

Premier League Trophy Hunt AR experience at home

Further, you don’t have to allow your location to use the experience from home. Just pick your favorite team – or join in as a “General Premier League Fan.” You can still have all of the fun of viewing and collecting all of the trophies.

There are also special entries that you can join in without finding hidden trophies in the host cities. Or, don’t join the entries and just have fun with the filters. The at-home experience is live until July 31.

Supporting Your Team With ROSE

The Premier League is coming stateside. That’s exciting whether it’s coming to a town near you or not. 

“We are honored to have such a passionate Premier League fanbase in the USA, and are very excited to be giving them the chance to experience the Premier League Summer Series on home soil for the very first time,” said Alexandra Willis, Director of Digital Media and Audience Development at the Premier League.

Thanks to ROSE and their partners, fans anywhere can interact with their favorite football clubs in new and amusing ways.