R-PUR FiiT, the new fashion tech mask designed for perfect breathability

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December 6, 2021 by

Mask-wearing is now part of everyday life for people in urban areas. French start-up R-PUR, a specialist in innovative masks integrating a patented Nano Filtration® system, makes its new range of FiiT masks available to preorder for use as part of routine urban activities. Building on more than four years of research and development, FiiT is a highly breathable mask and pleasant to wear over extended periods. Thanks to its high-performance patented filtering system, people in urban areas can now routinely benefit from purified air. What’s more, the free R-PUR app gives users access to real-time air quality data for their local area. FiiT is the connected mask that sets city-dwellers free again! 

More than 60,000 people already use this leading-edge technology

In 2017, R-PUR sent shockwaves around the world when it launched the first nano-filtering mask for motorcyclists. Its patented Nano Filtration® technology benefits wearers with filtering quality ten times higher than the FFP3-mask standard. This is one of the world’s first technology to block

nanoparticles up to twenty nanometres – two ten thousandths of a millimetre – in size. Now this unique technology is available to the general public. After equipping more than 60,000 urban users, including motorcyclists, cyclists and joggers, in the future anybody can breathe easy and make the most of their city thanks to this mask for everyday use. A comfortable fashion accessory that offers effective protection against pollution, viruses and much more

Equipped with eight filtering layers, the FiiT mask protects against fine particles, nanoparticles, pollen, bacteria, viruses, gases and even smells. Since FiiT is also the world’s first mask to offer four hundred personalised combinations, wearers don’t need to compromise on style or comfort. They can select the colour of the mask’s components, including the fabric and fasteners, to match their outfit without affecting breathability. Thanks to its quality materials, FiiT is more comfortable than the finest silk mask.

Green, smart and connected

Unlike single-use surgical masks, this new mask is not disposable! Users can simply change the filter every six to twelve weeks depending on use. Connected via a free app available on iOS and Android, it delivers real-time air-quality and exposure data and tells the wearer when to replace their filter.

Flavien Hello CEO R-PUR: “The new FiiT range was developed to protect everyone from airborne risks and to fully serve the needs of people in urban areas, whether they walk, take public transport or use a scooter. We wanted to take the hassle out of wearing a mask, which is why we focused on lightness and user-friendliness.”

Matthieu Lecuyer GM R-PUR: “Who hasn’t tugged off their mask after doing something physical just to catch their breath? FiiT is designed with optimal protection and breathability in mind. We made it attractive and pleasant to wear so it’s easier to use every day and more effective as a result.


The new FiiT mask range is available to preorder from 21 September 2021 on the R-PUR website. Available in limited quantities, the range will be sold at the exclusive price of €99 instead of €129. Orders will be delivered at the end of November / early December 2021. 

 About R-PUR

R-PUR was founded in 2016 by Matthieu Lecuyer and Flavien Hello. The two French co-founders met in Seoul in 2014, where they were both struggling with respiratory problems, which gave them the idea to develop a solution against daily air pollution hazards not just for them, but for all populations concerned around the world. Launched in 2017 and manufactured in France, their first R-PUR Nano mask integrated a unique filtration system that was patented the same year. Since then, the company has been enhancing its technologies and developing a string of innovations in response to a whole variety of urban lifestyles, including new mobility and the constraints of virus-related issues. R-PUR is based at the Station F incubator in Paris.

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