Quest 3 Accessories Revealed: Charging Dock, Deluxe Straps, Carrying Case & More

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Meta announced at its annual developer conference today that Quest 3 is now available for pre-order starting at $500, shipping October 10th. The company also revealed a host of accessories which ought to help knock a few of those pesky paychecks from your bank account.

Note: Make sure to check out our detailed hands-on with Quest 3, diving into everything from comfort to clarity.

Here’s the full list of accessories announced today. You can find them all over at Meta’s website, and likely also through online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Quest 3 Charging Dock [$130]

Quest 3 Charging Dock | Image courtesy Meta

Product description:  Be ready to play and stay organized with an all-in-one wireless charging dock for the Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers. Includes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for your controllers. The charging dock is also compatible with our other accessories including Elite Strap, Elite Strap with Battery, and Active Straps (sold separately).

Quest 3 Elite Strap [$70]

Quest 3 Elite Strap | Image courtesy Meta

Product description: Play in comfort with this adjustable, ergonomic head strap that easily adjusts to fit most head sizes with the turn of a dial. This lightweight strap takes pressure off your face and evenly distributes the weight for a more comfortable fit.

Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery [$130]

Quest 3 Elite Battery Strap | Image courtesy Meta

Product description: Play in comfort and get up to 2 hours additional VR game playtimewith this adjustable ergonomic head strap that features a built-in, lithium-ion battery. Easily adjusts to fit most head sizes while distributing the weight for a more comfortable fit. Charge your headset and head strap battery simultaneously with a single charging cable. *Battery life may vary based on headset usage, configurations, and settings.

Quest 3 Carrying Case [$70]

Quest 3 Carrying Case | Image courtesy Meta

Product description: Take your headset and accessories on the go with style and complete protection. Designed for your Meta Quest 3 headset, Touch Plus controllers,

charging cable, adapter, headstrap (standard or Elite) and Active Straps. This genuine Meta Quest accessory ensures a perfect fit, durability, and convenience anywhere you take your gear.

Quest 3 Silicone Facial Interface [$40]:

Quest 3 Silicon Facial Interface | Image courtesy Meta

Product description:  Wipe away sweat and dirt easily and get right back to your next workout or gaming session. This soft, silicone facial interface provides a cleaner feel and comfortable fit on your face. Get a perfect fit and block out unwanted light from entering your Meta Quest 3.

Quest Active Straps for Touch Plus Controllers [$40]

Quest 3 Touch Plus Active Straps | Image courtesy Meta

Product description:  Play with confidence and intensity with these premium, adjustable straps that give extra grip and stability for your Meta Quest Touch Plus Controllers. Designed to comfortably fit most hand sizes, Active Straps provide added stability and effortless grip while you play, navigate and gesture in VR.

Quest 3 Facial Interface & Head Strap [$50]:

Created using images courtesy Meta

Product description: Express yourself in bold color and stay comfortable in Meta Quest 3. The fabric facial interface provides breathable cushioning while blocking out unwanted light. Color-matched, flexible head strap fully adjusts to fit most head sizes for added support. Available in Elemental Blue and Blood Orange.

VR Prescription Lenses for Quest 3 [$50]

Quest 3 Prescription Inserts | Image courtesy Meta

Product description: Experience a seamless viewing experience without the hassle of glasses. Lightweight and easy to install, these lenses are custom made by Zenni for your exact prescription. Designed in collaboration with Meta, these prescription lenses provide a perfect fit and high-quality visual experience in your Meta Quest 3.

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Razer is also making wireless earbuds for Quest 3, named ‘Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed Earbuds for Meta Quest 3’.

Additionally, the company is still hawking its $80 Quest Link Cable, which has been confirmed to work with Quest 3.

Like Quest 2, Quest 3 can also optionally swap out their standard Touch controllers for Quest Touch Pro Controllers, priced at an eye-watering $300. This includes more accurate inside-out tracking that doesn’t require line of sight, as with all other Touch controllers from generations past.

Connect 2023 kicks off today, taking place September 27th and 28th at Meta’s Menlo Park headquarters. There’s been a ton of news already, so make sure to follow along with Connect for all of the latest XR stuff from Meta.