PC VR Team Shooter ‘VAIL VR’ Comes to Quest via App Lab

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VAIL VR, the multiplayer shooter for PC VR headsets, is now available on Quest via App Lab.

First released on Steam Early Access by indie studio AEXLAB, the 5v5 team shooter is now serving up cross-play support on Quest and PC VR headsets.

With the release of the Quest version, the game hopes to make a much-awaited resurgence; concurrent user numbers have faltered since it went live on Steam in November 2022, as the CS-style shooter never seemed to garner the sort of cult status among fans as Pavlov or Contractors.

Even on Quest, which boasts more regular users than PC VR, for any multiplayer game it’s an upward battle to attract a strong concurrent userbase. Priced at $20 on App Lab, that puts it at par with its direct competitors which already have significant footholds on the platform.

Whatever the case, we’re eager to see how Vail progresses and how it continues to differentiate itself across one of the toughest categories in VR.

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