Panasonic Sells Off Japanese VR Hardware Startup Shiftall

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Shiftall, the Japan-based VR hardware creator, is no longer owned by Panasonic, as the company has been effectively sold off to the Tokyo-based company CREEK & RIVER.

As first noted by tech analyst and YouTuber Brad Lynch, Panasonic today announced it has transferred all shares of Shiftall to the Tokyo-based company CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd., which specializes in outsourcing, consulting, content management and distribution services.

Acquired by Panasonic in 2018, Shiftall primarily focused on niche consumer devices, but shifted over the years to focusing on VR hardware, such as its MeganeX PC VR headset, HaritoraX wireless body trackers, FlipVR motion controllers, and mutalk soundproof microphones.

Shiftall announced earlier this month that it’s releasing a new version of its MeganeX, called MeganeX superlight, as well as its next generations of HaritoraX and mutalk.

In a press statement, the companies say there will be no changes to the current offerings of Shiftall’s products, services, product warranties, and customer support, which means we can still expect MeganeX superlight to release as scheduled sometime in 2024.

The ‘superlight’ version is said to include the same display specs as the original MaganeX: dual 2,560 × 2,560 1.3-inch micro-OLED displays (120Hz), however it reduces the size from 385g to around 200g—ostensibly putting it into competition with the $1,000 Bigscreen Beyond.

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