[Industry Direct] Revolutionizing Fitness Apps with Snapdragon Technologies

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Industry Direct by Qualcomm

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In the ever-evolving fitness industry, adding Extended Reality (XR) to the mix has opened up some cool new possibilities to get a sweat. From Virtual Reality Zumba classes to gamified Augmented Reality workouts, XR fitness allows you to get in a physically demanding session from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a developer looking to build the next wave of epic fitness apps, XR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what you need. Combined, these technologies can provide users with personalized workout programs and guide their fitness journey with immersive coaching like never before.

App in Action: AI-based Fitness AR Routine with Litesport

Machine learning, computer vision and a combination of powerful perception technologies are not buzz words here, they help developers capture data from a workout and turn into AI-powered personal trainer apps at the users’ fingertips, only less expensive.

At Snapdragon Summit in October 2023, Litesport inspired the audience with an AI-based fitness application paired with wireless AR smart glasses. The company develops fitness applications that use VR, MR, and AR to enhance the way people exercise.

Litesport’s demo combined AR, biometric feedback, and AI pose detection algorithms paving the way for fitness apps for the next generation of XR-powered fitness apps. The cross-device AR experience leverages the Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform, a smartphone, smartwatch, and AR glasses ecosystem, all powered by Snapdragon® chipsets.

The app really makes you sweat! An AI-powered fitness coach provides real-time feedback on your technique, mirroring the dynamics of an in-person training session. The AI algorithm utilizes the smartphone camera to track and display your movements, ensuring accurate form and offering contextual trainer feedback. Additionally, with the integration of a smartwatch, the app accesses biometric data, offering a holistic view of your workout performance along with personalized reminders and suggestions.

Building Your Own AI-powered Fitness App in 2024

As the fitness industry continues to embrace XR and AI, developers like LiteSport will play a crucial role in shaping the future of personalized and immersive workout experiences.

To incentivize more developers to create cross-device experiences, Snapdragon Spaces has begun working on a new initiative called Snapdragon Seamless™, combining the respective technical advantages of smartphones, AR glasses and wearables.

Embrace the possibilities, experiment with AR, VR and MR, and contribute to the evolution of fitness by becoming part of our Snapdragon Spaces developer community.