Hexa and Amazon Redefine Immersive Retail Experiences by Empowering Merchants

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Step into the captivating realm of immersive retail, where customers are transported to a world beyond the traditional confines of e-commerce.

Virtual try-ons and mesmerizing augmented reality simulations have long held the attention of shoppers, but the path to these enchanting encounters was often reserved for big brands with substantial resources.

Today, a transformative alliance between 3D visualization platform Hexa and e-commerce powerhouse Amazon is breaking down the barriers of immersive retail. This dynamic collaboration is poised to redefine how merchants engage with their customers, unveiling a future where extraordinary shopping experiences are within reach of all.

Hexa: Shaping the Future of 3D Commerce and Immersive Retail

At the heart of this collaboration lies Hexa, a 3D visualization platform that uses artificial intelligence to create digital twins.

Since 2018, Hexa has been leveraging the potential of AI to breathe life into static 2D images and transform them into mesmerizing 3D renderings. They have been enabling brands to display 3D products, launch AR experiences, set up virtual try-ons, and create immersive marketing campaigns.

With Hexa, brands no longer need to rely on expensive investments in software and equipment to provide immersive retail experiences. They can harness the power of AI through Hexa’s cutting-edge technology to captivate their customers.

By seamlessly bridging the gap between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional domains, Hexa empowers brands to create hyper-realistic digital twins of their products. The sheer realism of Hexa’s CGI technology leaves consumers unable to discern the difference.

Hexa’s commitment to merging the realms of 2D and 3D not only expands possibilities for brands but also redefines the very nature of immersive retail experiences. It is through this collaboration that Hexa and its partners reimagine the boundaries of what is possible, driving the industry forward and transforming the way we perceive and engage with products in the digital space.

The Hexa and Amazon Collaboration: Empowering Merchants in The Era of Immersive Retail

Recognizing the untapped potential of immersive retail experiences in online marketplaces, Hexa has partnered with Amazon to empower merchants like never before. Through this collaboration, selling partners gain access to Hexa’s proprietary immersive OS, enabling them to create and display hyper-realistic 3D images, immersive 360-degree views, virtual try-on capabilities, and AR content directly on their Amazon product pages.

“Working with Amazon has opened up a whole new distribution channel for our partners,” said Gavin Goodvach, Hexa’s Vice President of Partnerships, in a press release shared with ARPost. “Brands now have the ability to distribute 3D experiences and deliver high quantity immersive shopping to Amazon’s global network of customers using Hexa’s proprietary content delivery network.”

Even without prior experience with AR or 3D tech, Amazon sellers can render high-quality images and videos for their product pages. They simply need to upload their products’ Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) into the CMS of Hexa.

The system automatically converts the images into high-fidelity 3D models with AR compatibility. They can then use the 3D models for e-commerce and metaverse applications. This remarkable integration of technology bridges the gap between the tangible and the virtual, offering a transformative user experience that drives conversion rates to new heights.

“In addition to 3D reconstruction, further enhancements to Hexa’s 3D tech stack also allow Amazon selling partners to render high-definition marketing materials, including packshots and lifestyle images directly from their 3D digital twins,” said Hexa’s CTO, Jonathan Clark. “They’ll be able to do so by leveraging AWS Thinkbox render infrastructure and advanced capabilities.”

Unveiling the Incredible Potential of Immersive Retail

This collaboration between Hexa and Amazon marks a significant milestone in the evolution of immersive retail. By providing Amazon selling partners with the tools to seamlessly transition from 2D to 3D, the partnership unlocks endless ways brands can engage their customers.

Hexa and Amazon immersive retail AR, try-on, 3D

No longer constrained by financial limitations, merchants of all sizes can now provide unforgettable shopping experiences that rival those of industry giants.

Looking ahead, the future of immersive retail holds incredible potential. As technology continues to advance, we can anticipate even more seamless integrations, heightened realism, and enhanced customer interactions.

Hexa and Amazon have set a precedent for innovation and accessibility in the industry, inspiring other platforms and retailers to follow suit and embrace the transformative power of immersive shopping experiences.