‘Ghosts of Tabor’ Earned $10M Before Even Reaching the Main Quest Store

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Ghosts of Tabor, the VR extraction shooter in early access, is coming to the main Quest Store next month. It’s been such a hit that it’s managed to amass over $10 million during its time on Quest App Lab and Steam Early Access.

Beyond Frames Entertainment and Combat Waffle Studios announced Ghosts of Tabor is coming to the main Quest Store on February 8th. It’s still going to be in Early Access on Steam for the time being, however the studios say it’s also going to get released on PSVR 2 and Pico headsets at some point later this year.

Much like the early access title Escape from Tarkov, Ghosts of Tabor is an intense extraction survival FPS which combines PvP and PvE. With a heavy focus on scavenging, looting, crafting and combat, the game seems to have struck a chord with VR players, as it currently sits at a [4.4/5] user rating on App Lab and a ‘Mostly Positive’ overall user rating on Steam, with over 5,000 reviews since it launched in March 2023.

Additionally, the studios revealed it’s generated more than $10 million in combined revenue from App Lab and Steam, counting more than half a million unique players to date. That’s quite the jump in revenue since we last checked in with Ghosts of Tabor in August 2023, which at the time was $3 million.

“We started Combat Waffle with 9 people, new to the VR development scene, and with a dream – to bring our love of extraction shooters to VR,” said Scott Albright, founder and CEO of Combat Waffle Studios. “It’s hard to believe that only 22 months after launching our studio, we’ve amassed such a massive and dedicated community. In the last month alone we saw more than 120,000 players on active duty. It just goes to show that if you want to play something that doesn’t exist yet, chances are that other people do too – so you should go out and make it yourself!”

Ghosts of Tabor currently costs $20 through January 31 on App Lab and Steam, however the game will see a cost hike to $25 across both Quest and Steam right before the release of the “graduated version” on February 8th.