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Monitors for home and nursery that include Alexa capabilities, facial recognition, smart zoning and even sleep analysis will all be on the launchpad at this year’s CES, from Binatone, official licensee of the Motorola brand.

Binatone, Indianapolis, IN.
Helping parents has always been the driving force for Binatone’s development of new baby products from Motorola. 2019 will see cutting edge devices and services focussed on baby sleep and well-being with first looks at PepCom and CES.

The Motorola Halo is a unique baby monitor that can attach to any cot or crib giving an unparalleled ‘parent’s eye view’ of the baby. At the heart of Halo is a 1080p camera with IR night vision to 10m with two-way audio activated by motion and audio sensors. This feeds crystal clear video and audio to a connected home-viewer or, if parents prefer, they can access the camera on their smart phone via the partner Hubble-for-Baby app from anywhere they choose. The Hubble app has been specifically developed for all Motorola connected products and unlocks many features to help parents of new-borns and young infants.

The unit’s camera also doubles as a portable monitor and can easily be detached from the cot/crib mount and positioned anywhere in the home, making it both a fixed and mobile solution.

In addition to the camera, the cot/crib mount has a choice of ambient soft glow light settings and a night sky ‘virtual mobile’ to project sky scenes onto the nursery ceiling. The two-way audio can also be used to play lullabies and other soothing sounds direct through the speaker from the Hubble-for-Baby services accessed through the partner app.

The Halo sets a new standard in nursery monitoring and coupled with the Hubble-for-Baby partner app, will become the benchmark for new parents looking for more than just a monitor.

The Hubble IoT platform has also undergone an overhaul transformation with some new, exciting services added for 2019. Hubble-for-Baby app will be introducing a number of key features to help parents track and monitor their baby’s development.

Sleep is a critical feature for development and Hubble-for-Baby allows any connected Motorola baby monitor to do much more than just record your baby sleeping. A baby tracking diary, access to expert sleep advice, in-depth sleep analytics and smart zoning are all part of the new Hubble-for Baby app which can be accessed from any connected Motorola baby monitor.

In addition to the new nursery products, Binatone is launching a brand-new home monitoring system. The Motorola Mods for Home uses a state-of-the-art 1080p waterproof camera that can be combined with several stands and cases, making it the ultimate modular system. Choose from outdoor battery packs to night stands to build your own personal home monitoring system. The Mods system can be adapted to fit any user’s needs.

The Mods also connects to Hubble-for-Home app and benefits from the same AI developments at the heart of Motorola nursery products. Smart zoning coupled with person recognition will ensure that users only get notified when people enter or leave the smart zone, no more false alarms from stray dogs or branches swinging in the wind. The Mods also features new facial recognition AI which has increased accuracy and speed enabling positive ID within one second of being detected. Hubble-for-Home is available across a number of new Motorola home products, including the Mods, brand new indoor and outdoor cameras, and a new connected video doorbell.

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