Flipside XR Launches Free VR App Flipside Studio for Animated Content

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Virtual reality company Flipside XR has launched a new app designed for creators called Flipside Studio. Launched on March 2 with support from Meta, the VR app enables users to build animated content in real time, using advanced virtual production tools. Finished projects can be uploaded and shared on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

Flipside Studio virtual reality app

The VR app is part of Flipside XR’s goal to impact the entertainment industry using virtual and augmented reality.

A VR App to Empower Creators

In creating Flipside Studio, Flipside XR aims to encourage video content creators to harness virtual reality for creative expression. The app contains a number of tools and features that allow users to produce engaging, high-quality videos powered by VR.

With almost 100 video tools available, content creators will find that making videos has become more fun and more imaginative. The app works with Meta Quest 2 and Rift/Rift S VR headsets for motion capture technology, so animation production is easier.

In the press release shared with ARPost, Flipside XR CEO and co-founder Lesley Klassen emphasized the potential for users. “Creators can easily produce innovative, professional animated content that can be monetized across their social media channels offering endless opportunities to share original, engaging content with their audiences,” Klassen said. In addition, he noted the wide variety of added features since the early access version of the app, allowing users to create animated content more efficiently with VR.

And perhaps the best part of Flipside Studio? The app is available on the Meta Quest Store for free, so anyone can try it out and discover or unleash their inner animator.

Features That Bring Creative Ideas to Life

From amateurs to professionals, video creators will find Flipside Studio’s tools easy to use. It’s packed with features that will bring to life their most creative stories. Flipside XR aims to drive VR technology to the mainstream of arts and creativity. Thus, this new VR app is a step closer to their vision of accessible VR technology to everyone.

Some of the notable features of the Flipside Studio app include:

  • Sets and props – The VR app has a wide selection of sets to choose from, plus hundreds of props.
  • Character customization – The virtual reality app is integrated with Ready Player Me, so users can customize their own characters. Meanwhile, those without Ready Player Me access can use available in-app characters.
  • Production tools – Take advantage of multiple professional production tools like virtual cameras, lights, and teleprompters. Users can adjust and manipulate cameras as in real life, with a variety of camera angles and speeds.
  • Collaboration tools – Users can share the fun of video production with other creators using Flipside’s collaboration features. Creators can work on one virtual set, whether they’re doing a solo project or working with two or more people.
  • Live-streaming and recording capabilities – Share animated content via live-streaming on major social media platforms; users can also record and upload it on their channel at a more convenient time.
  • Advanced Flipside creator tools – Fully customized sets, props, and characters are possible with Flipside’s advanced creator tools through its Unity plug-in.

Virtual reality app Flipside Studio

After six years in development and thousands of beta testers, Flipside Studio is finally available for those looking for a way to upgrade their animated content production.

Leveling Up Entertainment With Flipside Studio’s VR Technology

In recent months, creators like comedians Jordan Cerminara and Rodney Ramsey have used Flipside to add value to their content. No longer confined to gaming, AR/VR in entertainment is unlocking creative ideas in the creator economy.

The release of the Flipside Studio app coincides with the growth of the creator economy, estimated by experts to reach more than $100 billion. With the tools provided by the app, creators can elevate their content using VR for more immersive and engaging experiences.