FitXR Boosts Its VR Fitness Offerings With Pico and Strava Collaborations

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The global VR fitness app FitXR is expanding its horizons through exciting recent collaborations with Pico, a VR company focusing on all-in-one VR technology, and Strava, a tracking physical exercise company. These partnerships aim to offer a more comprehensive and accessible fitness experience to users across the globe.

FitXR Partners With Pico to Reach New Audiences

Demonstrating FitXR’s commitment to making VR fitness available to everyone, the VR fitness app is extending its reach to the UK, EU, and Asian markets through a new partnership with Pico VR headsets. As VR gains mass market appeal, FitXR’s multi-platform offerings will become increasingly desirable.

FitXR on Pico

FitXR’s offers a myriad of workout options in a single app. Earlier this year, FitXR launched Sculpt, a workout suite inspired by isometric strength training, and Combat, a workout suite influenced by various martial arts. These two new training alternatives expand the VR fitness app’s current suite of workout options, which include HIIT, Dancing, and Box. FitXR emphasizes its mission to create the most diversified training experiences in the metaverse through this expansion.

FitXR is now broadening its reach by introducing its at-home virtual fitness experience to Pico headsets. Now Pico headset users can enjoy participating in multiplayer workouts for some friendly competition or choose to work out individually when they prefer to control their speed.

VR fitness FitXR on Pico

New users can experience fresh music, diverse classes, and innovative workout styles as the VR fitness app consistently introduces updates. And individuals who install FitXR on their Pico 4 or Pico Neo 3 Link headset can take advantage of a 30-day free membership until the end of April.

New Partnerships Aim for a Fun, Consistent Fitness Journey

Taking fitness to heart, the company’s CEO and co-founder, Sam Cole, commented on the new partnership, stating, “We already offer the most diverse and unique fitness experience, and by expanding to the new Pico headset, we’re furthering our aim to provide this to every person, in every household, in every geography, and on any hardware device.”

Peter Li, Pico’s Head of Gaming Partnerships, emphasized Pico’s dedication to delivering a wide variety of high-quality fitness experiences to its users.“For Pico, launching FitXR as a subscription app on our platform underlines our commitment to bring the widest variety of high-quality and customizable fitness experiences to our customers,” Li said in a press release shared with ARPost.

The collaboration highlights the increasing appetite for amalgamating new tech and gaming to create optimal fitness experiences. FitXR enables clients to visit various fitness studios and tailor their workouts to meet their goals. With fully immersive 3D workout environments, they can enjoy fun, engaging, and result-driven fitness experiences. “We never forget to bring the fun. The fun matters just as much as the results,” said FitXR’s CMO, Lisa Raggiri.

Furthermore, FitXR also collaborated with Olympic Boxing Champion Nicola Adams to launch the “Box Like a Pro” training program, covering boxing basics for all skill levels. Adams aims to promote active lifestyles by demonstrating that fitness can be enjoyable.

FitXR Integrates With Strava for Comprehensive Progress Tracking

Apart from the new partnership with Pico, FitXR has also recently teamed up with Strava, a connected fitness subscription platform. By merging data from both platforms, this partnership aims to provide FitXR users with a more comprehensive view of their exercise journey. The partnership reflects FitXR’s drive to offer a more enriched and inclusive digital experience, allowing users to establish and attain fitness goals more efficiently.

FitXR on Strava

Kelly Cosentino, FitXR’s Fitness Chief, stated that as more and more people aim to manage their health and fitness goals, there is a heightened demand for simple access to crucial data across platforms. “FitXR’s integration with Strava provides our members with a holistic digital solution that easily fits into their lifestyles,” Cosentino said in a press release shared with ARPost. The collaboration intends to support individuals of all fitness levels by allowing them to monitor every step, action, and motion in both virtual and real environments.

With the free companion app for FitXR, users can easily send their workout data to Strava after every session. FitXR users can now join Strava’s dynamic community of over 100 million users in 190 nations. Additionally, this partnership allows them to set goals and key milestones, monitor improvement, and share their virtual accomplishments with fellow fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Pairing a user’s FitXR mobile app with their Strava account is a straightforward task that requires only a few clicks. To initiate the syncing procedure, the user must launch the FitXR app and select the profile icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Next, they should proceed by selecting the “Connected Apps” option from the menu and then choose “Strava.” After that, the user will be presented with a prompt to select the types of data they wish to sync with Strava, with the ability to modify their selections later. Once the user completes this quick setup, their workout information will automatically synchronize with Strava after each session.

This strategic collaboration of FitXR with Strava is pushing the company’s goal to offer a customizable virtual health club experience. The enhanced data connectivity will allow FitXR users to maximize the potential of the virtual activities and accompanying apps that encourage them to stay active.

New Partnerships Drive the Demand for a More Holistic VR Fitness Approach

FitXR’s recent partnerships with Pico and Strava highlight the increasing impact of virtual reality technology in the fitness industry and its potential to transform how individuals approach their health and wellness objectives.

By expanding the accessibility of its immersive training programs to a wider range of users, regardless of their hardware preferences, FitXR is reinforcing its dedication to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly digital experience. Consequently, FitXR empowers people of all fitness levels to track their progress more efficiently and stay motivated in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.