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CES 2019 is almost here and Earthquake Sound would like to announce that we are teaming up with SimXperience this year. We will have a SimXperience Stage 4 Motion Racing Simulator Kit equipped with full roll, pitch, yaw, and G-Force simulation. Those who can attend CES this year will have the opportunity to demo some of the latest racing simulation products from SimXperience. In addition, we have our own personal touch with some of our products to further enhance this virtual racing experience such as the MPower 8 and award-winning Supernova MKVI. 
Beyond the standard 2.1 setup, Earthquake’s Q10B and MQB-1 tactile transducers will be placed on the simulator to provide you with the most immersive racing experience you will ever have by simulating road noise, impact, RPM and much more. We invite all who can attend to stop by our booth and witness what our technologies can do for virtual reality. Earthquake Sound is shaking things up at CES so come by for one hell of a test drive.

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