Cosmo Connected eyewear launches safe urban navigation with ActiveLook® technology

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January 7, 2022 by

ActiveLook® is proud to announce its partnership with Cosmo Connected, the French developer of connected urban micro-mobility safety solutions. Developed by MICROOLED, ActiveLook® offers a miniaturized and invisible augmented reality device that displays navigation information via a Head-up display.

Designed to improve the practice and performance of sports competitors, ActiveLook® technology enables the real-time display of useful and essential data, such as speed, cadence, heart rate, etc. In combination with expert software, this unique miniaturized technology can be elegantly integrated into eyewear without affecting its design or ergonomics. Its low power consumption means record battery life for longer athlete support.

The MICROOLED microdisplays used by ActiveLook® technology have already been integrated into premium cameras, precision binoculars, and other optical devices. Now developed specifically to achieve the compact size and lightweight essential for integration into frames, this technology never compromises eyewear aesthetics, battery life, or weight.

CosmoVision eyewear: a partnership between Cosmo Connected and ActiveLook®

As part of its forward development path, ActiveLook® is now looking to the world of sport and urban micro-mobility to meet the daily needs of travel and sport. In this context, mixed reality that delivers navigation and physical performance data considerably improves the safety margin of wearers. Since 2000, screens have become part of our daily activities and our lives increasingly depend on them. In developing a new product category of connected eyewear, ActiveLook® is offering its users the opportunity to follow their route safely with no need to look at their smartphone.

ActiveLook® Founder Eric Marcellin-Dibon says: “Mass adoption of AR relies on discrete integration. Consumers aren’t prepared to put on superhero helmets, but they definitely do want eyewear that helps them to see and do their activity better. We believe that ActiveLook® is the inevitable technological evolution of the eyewear that has been making our lives easier for centuries”.

Cosmo Vision connected eyewear will be available for pre-order at €489 from 18 October via the Cosmo Connected website, and previewed in the Alain Afflelou retail network starting early in December.

A solution for eyewear manufacturers and service providers

Developed out of a 5-year research and development plan costing several million euros, ActiveLook® provides a complete solution that includes hardware and an open API for easy integration by eyewear manufacturers and third-party service providers. Integrating ActiveLook® technology allows eyewear brands to enhance their range of connected sports eyewear to offer their customers a critical data display option built around Bluetooth® technology.

Engo, Julbo and Cosmo Connected eyewear brands all use embedded ActiveLook® technology, which is also compatible with Garmin devices.

How does it work?

Eyewear equipped with ActiveLook® technology contains an embedded and invisible microdisplay that, depending on the sport concerned, shows route, speed and heart rate data without obstructing the wearer’s view of the horizon. The heart of the ActiveLook® module is based on a monochrome AMOLED display with 304 x 256 pixels resolution consuming less than 1 milliwatt; 30 times less energy than the most advanced of its competitors. With a battery life of more than 12 hours, and weighing just 6g, ActiveLook® provides a readable display regardless of ambient light conditions. The ActiveLook® device connects via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to a smartphone, watch and to some more specific sensors (heart rate sensor, power sensor, etc.).

ActiveLook® will be showcased at the AWE 2021 Augmented World Expo from 9 to 11 November this year.

Discover ActiveLook® technology eyewear on video.

More information about ActiveLook®

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