‘Contractors Showdown’ Battle Royale Coming to All Major VR Platforms Next Year

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Caveman Studios, the team behind the tactical VR shooter Contractors (2018), announced a new competitive battle royale called Contractors Showdown.

As first shared during UploadVR’s Summer Showcase, the game is set to launch on all major VR platforms in 2024, which is also slated to include crossplay.

Here’s how Caveman Studios describes the action:

Explore the uninhabited, rugged land that has remained ungoverned for decades. Survive, loot, upgrade, engage, and use your tactics against relentless enemies and dangers on the desolate island. Enter the combat solo or engage with allies to fight against all odds as a team.

The game’s map is said to span a 4km x 4km area, which you’ll tackle with your tactical PDA in hand for both a map and ability to call in support. Contractors Showdown also promises weapon customization, gear upgrades, damage indicators, and more. It’s not certain how many players will be able to jump in, however the studio calls it “a large number of teams of contractors.”

Long-requested features, such as progression, matchmaking, and daily quests, will also be included, the studio says. Unlike the original tactical shooter, Contractors Showdown won’t be supporting mods at release, however the studio says they will prioritize crossplay.

In the meantime, the studio says it will continuously update the original Contractors to version 1.0 as promised.