XRHealth Merges With Amelia Virtual Care

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XRHealth is an enterprising company that combines telehealth with VR gaming for remote physical and occupational therapy solutions. Amelia Virtual Care also pioneers VR telehealth, but prioritizes a different kind of therapy by focusing on mental wellness.

The two companies recently announced a merger. The resulting company will offer both physical and mental therapy through the combined teams, skills, and software of both companies. Eran Orr, current CEO of XRHealth (which will be the name of the new combined company) will remain CEO.

What Amelia Virtual Care Brings to the Table

“We’re thrilled to join forces with XRHealth at a time when clinicians are adopting virtual reality as a mainstream tool for delivering high-quality care and engaging patient experiences,” Xavier Palomer said in a release shared with ARPost.

XRHealth Laptop and external control

Palomer is the founder and current Executive Chairman of Amelia Virtual Care but will pivot to Chief Growth Officer of the new combined company. “While VR is still novel to many patients, it’s a well-proven solution grounded in more than 30 years of research and experience,” said Palomer.

ARPost hadn’t crossed paths with Amelia Virtual Care prior to the merger, but we’re looking forward to seeing all that they bring to the new combined company. Of particular interest, Amelia’s solution incorporated a finger-worn electrodermal response sensor for recording the participant’s galvanic skin response.

Joining Forces With XRHealth

“We’re ready to introduce the XR platform that any hospital and clinic can use,” Orr said in the release. “The merger enables us to offer a one-stop shop to diverse players and streamline the technology in a way that will see XR devices adopted for a variety of treatments, with XRHealth leading the way for the entire industry.”

Eran Orr XRHealth with VR headset
Eran Orr

Orr’s company has already achieved a number of significant accomplishments in both the technology and adoption and infrastructure. The Medicare-covered platform runs on a number of devices including Pico headsets and the VIVE Flow. Both headsets offer adoption venues for users as well as different hardware and software capabilities.

XRHealth with HTC Flow headset
XRHealth with HTC Flow headset

“With our merger, we now have an end-to-end product that addresses privacy and security, multiple use cases with a variety of content, compliance and regulation, and operational tools to support scale,” XRHealth co-founder and CTO Miki Levy said in the release. “We have a growing number of content partners today and expect this to increase dramatically after this merger.”

Miki Levy XRHealth
Miki Levy

Better Together

Amelia Virtual Care brings its own experts, a different branch of medicine, and some hardware innovations. XRHealth brings greater hardware accessibility, greater patient accessibility, and its own branch of medicine. Between the two, this merger seems like a win for the growing number of individuals pursuing healthcare through VR appointments and practices.