Vibe to Hit Music and Hit Fitness Goals With New Music Collections in FitXR

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FitXR is capping the year off with new music collections of chart-topping hits. The latest collections feature over two dozen new workout classes in Box, HIIT, and Dance that’ll give users a head start in their fitness resolution goals next year.

Themed Collections of Music Hits From Then ‘Til Now

On November 25, FitXR launched its 80s and 90s Favorites Collection featuring iconic hits from Billy Idol, Chic, A-ha, Wham!, Chaka Khan, Survivor, Sister Sledge, the Weather Girls, and Backstreet Boys. Get your fit bod back and work out with throwback music in four Box, three HIIT, and three Dance studio classes.

Right on the heels of this launch is the release of two more collections on December 12. FitXR is bringing us Pop Hits Volume 1 and Holiday Jams for 15 more new classes.

Pop Hits Volume 1 Collection lets you groove to music from Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Pink, Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson, Troye Sivan, Megan Thee Stallion, and the British girl group Little Mix. Enjoy these pop hits in three Box, two HIIT, and three Dance classes.

To feel the holiday cheer you can work out in two Box, two HIIT, and three Dance classes set to music from the Holiday Jams Collection— which will go live just in time to get you looking your best this season while spreading holiday cheer.

We’re in for more awesome music as FitXR prepares to launch Pop Hits Volume 2 in February 2023. Along with more hits from Lady Gaga, Pink, Dua Lipa, and Megan Thee Stallion, FitXR is adding smash hits from Green Day, Tegan & Sara, and Nicky Youre. Music from rappers DMX, Lil Nas X, and SAINt JHN will also pump up classes in this collection.

FitXR: Good Music for Great Workouts

FitXR brings more than good music. At the core of this virtual reality fitness club is a vast library of total body workouts designed by top fitness experts. All on-demand classes are choreographed by professionals and led by world-class trainers.

During the workouts, users are transported to a virtual workout environment as they don their VR headsets. The digital avatars of trainers direct their movements and provide motivation. Multiplayer mode allows users to interact with each other through voice.

An analysis of energy expenditure shows that one workout in FitXR burns approximately 8.34 to 8.84 calories per minute. That’s similar to the energy used in one game of tennis. This substantiates the effectiveness of the virtual workouts even when done in limited space inside homes.

FitXR is available on Meta Quest. A monthly subscription of $9.99 gives members access to on-demand classes within three distinct workout studios—Box, Dance, and HIIT. It also gives them access to a community of professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts where they can share stories, hear advice, and get inspiration.

An Exciting Future for the World of Fitness

Immersive fitness apps like FitXR usher us into a future where having fun and working out overlap. By holding fitness classes in virtual studios, users feel more like they are playing in an arcade rather than having a gym session. This gamification makes them forget they are working out, so they often end up spending more time exercising.

Moreover, virtual studios foster interaction with other people from all over the globe without users having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Indeed, combining music and fitness in a virtual environment is bound to be the norm for group fitness from hereon.