‘Resident Evil 4’ PSVR 2 Mode is Coming as Free DLC, Now in Development

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Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake for PS5 soon, and although Capcom didn’t state it was bringing full PSVR 2 support when it was announced back in June, the developer now says its VR mode is in the works right now, and it will be offered as free DLC to the flatscreen game on PS5.

Update (February 22, 2023): The Japanese language Capcom Twitter announced that the Resident Evil 4 remake team has now started development on its PSVR 2 mode.

It’s not clear when it will launch, however the studio further confirmed that the “VR mode,” which presumably means we’ll be playing the full game on PSVR 2, will be a free DLC to the flatscreen game on PS5. This comes as contrast to the announcement in June of “VR content,” which left some room for doubt. The original article follows below:

Original Article (June 3rd, 2022): It’s a marked departure from the full-throated PSVR support announcement for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard when it was first unveiled at E3 2016, which lets you play the game start to finish in VR.

This makes it a bit unclear as to what “PSVR 2 content” really means, as it could either suggest full support, or ‘experience-style’ bonus material, which would frankly be a bit of a letdown.

Image courtesy Capcom

After all, Resident Evil 4 is already playable in VR via Meta Quest 2, although there are some key differences to note. The version for Quest 2 wasn’t a remake as such, but rather an uprezzed port of the original game, while the PS5 version is slated to be a ground-up remake ostensibly in the same vein of Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020). 

It seems dubious that all the VR-specific work Armature Studio put into the Quest 2 version will necessarily translate since we’re essentially dealing with an entirely different point of departure in terms of development. What’s more, Capcom had no issue announcing that Resident Evil Village is coming to PSVR 2 with full motion controls.

This could point to two likely scenarios: Capcom is playing coy and will announce that its “PSVR 2 content” allows you to play the full game, either at launch or at some point afterwards, or we’re really actually just getting a PSVR 2 flavored experience. Either way, we’re hoping to find out before the game’s March 24th, 2023 launch date.

Check out the game’s PS5 announcement trailer below: