“Operation Money Grab”: Get Your Spy Gear Ready for the Greatest Heist in ValoArena

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Operation Money Grab is all systems go. The heist is officially on. Valo Motion has launched the latest addition to its growing game library of multiplayer mixed reality games for ValoArena. This heist-themed game is set to challenge players physically and mentally as they become immersed in a spy adventure that’s almost straight out of a Hollywood movie. To complete all the missions, you’d need to keep your wits and work well with your team.

Grab Your Squad and Pull Off the Greatest Heist in MR

Recruit a team of up to six players and attempt to pull off the greatest heist in ValoArena. Be spies or thieves and grab as much money and valuables as you can while outmaneuvering high-tech security systems and evading capture.

Operation Money Grab MR game ValoArena Valo Motion

Upon entering the game arena, be transported to the lobby of the Museum of Money. Enter the elevator and brace yourself for a highly interactive and mentally stimulating spy adventure. As the elevator door opens, figure out how to get past the unique security system and snatch valuable items. Work as a team to solve puzzles and go through physical obstacles on every floor of the building. Once all floors are cleared, head to the roof of the building, then board the helicopter on standby for your grand escape.

Throughout the game, references to popular spy and heist movies add humor and make you feel like the lead star in a Hollywood film. Download the Valo Motion app to create shareable play videos and release your “trailer” on social media.

Powered by Valo Motion Technology

Like all other mixed reality games for Valo Arena, Operation Money Grab is powered by the proprietary motion tracking technology of Valo Motion. With full body tracking, players can roam freely around the game arena and play untethered without using any wearables.

Large digital screens, visually stunning graphics, and spatial audio create a hyper-realistic virtual environment that immerses players in the game.

MR game Operation Money Grab ValoArena Valo Motion

According to Lauri Lehtonen, Lead Developer in Valo Motion, the popularity of the game Groundfall, inspired by The Floor is Lava, made their team think of other playground games they could draw inspiration from. Lehtonen recounts,

“We noticed that quite a few of them are played by moving back and forth in a limited space. This gave rise to the idea of designing a game with a series of different challenges players must go through in the ValoArena play area,” Lehtonen said in a press release shared with ARPost“That idea eventually developed into the espionage and robbery-themed game Operation Money Grab, where the game challenges vary a lot during one game, and the players are taken on a kind of mini-adventure through a building to be robbed.”

Innovative Games That Keep People Active

Along with Astro Blade, Runway Zero, Toywatch Island, and Groundfall, Operation Money Grab highlights Valo Motion’s aim to encourage people to lead active and healthy lives through interactive experiences. “Valo Motion takes great pride in developing ValoArena experiences that get people on their feet and moving,” said Raine Kajastila, CEO and founder of Valo Motion.

By creating innovative games that are entertaining and highly interactive, Valo Motion hopes to make it easier and much more fun for people to develop and maintain healthy habits. We expect to see its game library grow with more themed games that would pique the different interests of players of all ages.