No other Smart Mirror even comes close.

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From the elegant and ergonomically-designed custom launcher, to the enhanced functionality that comes from the integrated motion sensor, far-field microphone, and multi-touch display, Savvy takes smart mirrors to a whole new level. 

When Savvy is turned off, the display vanishes completely, leaving nothing but a stunning mirror for you to enjoy in your bathroom, entry, or living area. But turn Savvy on, and that same mirror becomes the technological heartbeat of your home, putting your entire house under your control, and the entire world at your fingertips.

Let Savvy become command central for your life.

Electric Mirror Image

Say goodbye to tiny screens, single-purpose gadgets, and disconnected devices. Savvy brings your entire digital world together in one large, elegant, intuitive, and easy-to-use 22” display, offering unmatched efficiency and convenience. And because Savvy is compatible with any Android-based app or device, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do.

Savvy speaks to the techie in all of us.

Sure, it looks great. But it performs great too – thanks to its innovative design, sophisticated engineering, and superior quality components.

  • Integrated Motion Sensor learns the dimensions of the room and recognizes you when you enter.
  • Vivid 22” Display offers an immersive experience and multi-touch functionality.
  • Far-Field Microphone provides superior speech recognition and accuracy from anywhere in the room.
  • HDMI Input lets you connect to a computer, Blu-Ray player, Xbox or virtually any video device.
  • Integrated Speakers offer clear 10-watt amp per channel stereo hi-fi sound.
  • Personalized Launcher lets you use the pre-loaded interface or download your favorite Android launcher.
  • Screen Casting lets you plug in your media device to access its apps, or mirror your phone directly to the Savvy display.
  • Digital Voice Assistance is available from any Android digital voice assistant; just download the app and start talking.

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