Meet Zoe: The Platform Where Anyone Can Create VR Experiences

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Is your mind full of ideas for immersive games and social experiences? Now, you can stop dreaming about them and start creating them. Meet Zoe – the platform where you can create VR experiences without writing a single line of code.

That’s right, no need to worry about Java, Python, and other programming languages. You have all the tools available in the form of templates and drag-and-drop building blocks. Zoe does the rest, with the power of automation.

Zoe Is Now Available for Meta Quest

In order to make the Zoe platform come true, Zoe Immersive partnered with Meta. The two companies worked together for almost a year, which resulted in the platform now being available on Quest.

Over this time, users within various industries, including education, healthcare, and business got access to the beta version of the Zoe platform, creating remote workshops, virtual classrooms, meetups, and events.

This is the goal of Zoe Interactive: to open the metaverse to anyone who wants to help build it. The company believes that anyone should be able to contribute and create VR experiences for educational, business, and social purposes, or even just for entertainment.

With Zoe, Every Dream Becomes a Virtual Reality

“In just minutes, Zoe gives the ability to create and monetize truly interactive experiences and activities,” said Emilie Joly, the CEO of Zoe Interactive, in a press release. “With Zoe, there are truly no limits to 3D innovation.”

With the metaverse market expected to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030, accelerating the adoption rate is a top priority for the industry. And one great way of enticing new users is by empowering them to become stakeholders. Instead of being just content consumers, they have the power to become content creators.

What You Can Do With Zoe: Create VR Experiences, Worlds and More

Zoe allows each user to create at their own pace and in their own style. Those who feel less inspired can watch what others have created or use templates. Some want to start from scratch – and they can do it. Also, you can create VR experiences with friends by sending them an email invitation to join your project.

Zoe platform easily create VR experiences Meta Quest

According to the company, Zoe already has over 30,000 users. They are not just people who want to create VR experiences for fun, but also:

  • Businesses, creating team-building activities and collaboration workspaces;
  • Education providers, creating STEM activities and explaining processes in a fun way;
  • Marketing and entertainment professionals, generating branded experiences;
  • Healthcare providers, creating mini-games for therapy and mindfulness experiences.

How to Start Using Zoe

Zoe is available for download in the  Meta Quest Store. The company plans to later also launch a mobile app. The pricing plans start at $6 per month (billed annually), ideal for individuals who want to create VR experiences with friends. Using Zoe also gives users access to nearly a million free 3D models in the Sketchfab library.