Madcap UK Comedy Show ‘Taskmaster’ is Getting a VR Game, Coming to Quest & PC VR in 2024

You are currently viewing Madcap UK Comedy Show ‘Taskmaster’ is Getting a VR Game, Coming to Quest & PC VR in 2024
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Beloved UK comedy show Taskmaster is getting its own VR game soon featuring the Taskmaster tyrant himself, Greg Davies (and of course Little Alex Horne).

Targeting a 2024 launch on Quest 2/3/Pro and SteamVR headsets, the single-player game puts you in the hotseat of your very own series of Taskmaster.

And as you’d expect, Taskmaster VR takes you to the titular Taskmaster House, the show’s humble abode that regularly plays host to the game’s plethora of madcap missions. That means the full suite of unassuming locales: the house, the lab, the kitchen, the caravan, the garden, everything.

Here’s how developer Scallywag Arcade describes the action:

“Mastering tasks requires skill, patience, precision and grace. And if all that fails, maybe just throwing things around and hoping for the best will work out! Just get it done within the time limit and use the plethora of ordinary and not-so-ordinary items at your disposal. Grab, smash, balance, throw, magnetise, fry, pierce – do whatever you need to do to complete the task.”

Voiced by the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, and his long-suffering assistant Alex Horne, the ultimate goal is to complete all the tasks, thereby winning the show’s iconic bronze bust. And don’t punch a wall, or anything else you don’t want sufficiently punched.

There’s no exact release date yet, however you can now wishlist it on Steam and the Meta Quest Store.

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