Lovebox is a better gift than flowers

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Valentine’s Day can be a divisive holiday: There are people who love to celebrate it and others who dread being alone for it. One gadget out to change that is an ingenious digital/analog wooden box called the Lovebox. It’s built for sharing love and positive thoughts whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not.

Of course you can always let someone know you love them by sending flowers or taking them out to dinner, but those ways aren’t that unique. There are also a number of ways to use our phones to sends texts, photos and videos expressing our feelings, but those messages can get lost in the flood of daily communication we send and receive. That’s why a French company at CES launched the Lovebox.

The idea is simple. The Lovebox sits in your home and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. A loved one sends you a message with the Lovebox app available on iOSand Android. On the front of the box is an itsy-bitsy heart. When the box receives the message, the heart spins like a pinwheel.

There is something precious about a tiny little heart on a small wooden cube spinning in silence. It is such a simple hallmark to symbolize that someone is thinking of you.

The heart spins until you lift the lid to read the message.Lovebox

If you lift the lid, there’s a diminutive screen where you can read the message or see the drawing that your loved one sent. When you open the lid it feels like you discovered a secret message.

Everything about this box is endearing and unassuming: The size, the curved corners, the silent way the heart spins and the black-and-white display. It is refreshing to see how Lovebox integrates messaging into something so discreet. There’s no loud notifications or lights to get your attention — just a palm-sized spinning heart.

The Lovebox costs $99, which converts to £70 and AU$125, and can be purchased on the Lovebox website. If you are trying to buy one and have it shipped before Valentine’s Day, you need to place the order by 12 a.m. PT Sunday Feb. 11. If you’re in the US, it is recommended you order one by 12 a.m. PT Thursday Feb. 8.

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