‘Gorilla Tag’ Has Topped $100M in Revenue, Making it One of VR’s Most Successful Games

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VR studio Another Axiom today announced that its breakout title, Gorilla Tag, has surpassed $100 million in revenue. The company shared other key metrics about its player population that shine light on the state of the VR market.

Not long after its launch back in early 2021 it became clear there was something special about Gorilla Tag. It’s minimalistic ‘tag’ gameplay, unique arm-based locomotion, and novel social architecture made for simple social fun. And it turns out, people really like simple social fun.

This week the studio behind the game, Another Axiom, offered up some key metrics for Gorilla Tag that show just how large it has become. Here’s the quick and dirty:

  • $100 million in total revenue

  • 10 million lifetime players
  • 3 million monthly active users
  • 1 million daily active users

Gorilla Tag’s revenue comes primarily through in game cosmetics which allow for try-ons and a social shopping experience.

These figures make Gorilla Tag one of the most successful and most popular VR games to date. Not only are lots of people playing the game, Another Axiom also revealed the average playtime is nearly 60 minutes. That’s doubly impressive considering how physical of a game it can be.

As for what’s next? The studio isn’t leaving Gorilla Tag behind, but it’s busy at work on a spiritual successor to Lone Echo, the game which inspired Gorilla Tag’s movement in the first place.

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