First-Ever Smartphone On-The-Go COVID-19 Test 

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Have you heard that BD  now has the first Smartphone Interpreted Home COVID-19 test- The BD Veritor™? Because its technology results can be shared in real-time [the reporting feature is unlike what any other test can do], consumers can travel, see family and friends, and go to school. It’s also being used by many companies to manage their employee populations as well – in the office and in the factory, etc. 

BD developed this new, rapid self-test to make COVID-19 testing faster and easier for people to complete in the privacy and safety of their own homes. The BD Veritor™ At-Home COVID-19 Test uses the Scanwell® Health mobile app to interpret and provide a digital display of testing results in 15 minutes. The test is also one of the only at-home tests to fully automate reporting of results to federal and state public health agencies and provides a streamlined experience for optional reporting to businesses and schools. 

The BD Veritor at-home test will retail for around $40 for a packet of two tests. Amazon, which has a testing partnership with the U.S. government, is selling the two-pack for $26.50.

  • At home review: BD made testing easy with the step by step instructional videos. As the winter season approaches, this is a must have tool to keep at home to prepare for a new potential COVID wave!