Dreamwave: Immersive 3D Worlds for Virtual Events

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Virtual events are getting more exciting with the latest technological developments in virtual reality. One such product is Dreamwave, a web-based metaverse platform that provides companies, brands, and creators with a unique way to host online events.

Dreamwave boasts ready-made and custom 3D environments called “microverses” to make brand experiences stand out. The platform enables participants to experience virtual and hybrid events in a unique and exciting way. Microverse events are accessible on all types of devices with just a click, ensuring that as many audiences as possible can attend.

Microverses: Dreamwave’s Secret to Enhanced Virtual Events

Dreamwave’s microverses contribute to the growing economy of virtual events. These microverses enhance the user experience of online eventgoers. Participants can immerse themselves in the 3D environments, chat and engage with other people, and check out different forms of content from the organizer. From live video streaming, on-demand videos, photo galleries, and sponsored content, brands can display the types of media that suits their event the best.

Created in 2020 by award-winning creative technology company Active Theory, Dreamwave sets the stage for enhanced custom 3D experiences with its microverses. Currently, Dreamwave offers eight ready-made microverse templates that customers can choose from:

  • Amphitheater – mimics a theater setup where guests gather around a virtual stage;
  • Blossom – a picturesque island ideal for chilling, relaxing, and meeting new people;
  • Cube – a more futuristic interior world that features a big screen reflected on cubes;
  • Cyber – suitable for presenting videos and images in a cyberpunk setting;
  • Fantasy – an out-of-this-world island with fantastical elements;
  • Fun – guests can participate in this obstacle race course for high engagement;
  • Garden – another island setting featuring classic garden ruins;
  • Showroom – for brands who want to exhibit their products.
Dreamwave Fantasy
Dreamwave template environment Fantasy

Custom Microverses for Custom Experiences

Aside from these template microverses, customers can also avail of a custom-built 3D environment that aligns more with their own branding. For instance, Dreamwave has developed custom microverses for brands such as Xbox (The 20 Years of Xbox Museum), ESPN (Fifty/50 World), the Wall Street Journal (Iconic Mints), and the Secret Sky music festival.

Dreamwave - Iconic Mints WSJ
Wall Street Journal’s Iconic Mints

These custom projects can be tailored specifically to the client’s requirements. With Active Theory’s expertise in building immersive 3D environments with virtual reality, brands can stage almost any type of event, from product launches to concerts and conferences. They can also organize entirely virtual events or incorporate their custom microverses to complement real-world functions.

The Future of Live Virtual Events

Since the pandemic, live events have evolved to include hybrid and fully virtual events. What’s great about Dreamwave is that they aim to enhance the online experience for companies and brands that choose to have an online component for their events.

Because of this, event organizers can stop worrying about geographical restrictions. Companies can reach more audiences with online events, building their identity and brand for a global market. In fact, virtual events have been on the rise since 2020, revealing marketers’ increasing acceptance of online events as a good alternative to in-person events.