DIY tool that allows users to take their real design concepts into the AR realm

You are currently viewing DIY tool that allows users to take their real design concepts into the AR realm
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Plott’s extended reality (XR) platform and accompanying hardware brings real world elements and dimensions into the LetsPlott app, a design center for conceptualizing and measuring the project in AR. From creative idea, to virtual design, then back to reality with the help of innovative hardware solutions, Plott is the ideal tool for anyone from the beginner to a professional DIYer, that provides actionable, turn-by-turn directions to pinpoint real world coordinates with accuracy.

80% of first time DIYers fail to measure accurately on their first attempt and as a result, decide not to pursue another project. “ Our goal with the LetsPlott Platform is to eliminate the complicated and challenging tasks of DIY projects, such as measuring and calculating, to provide users with the necessary tools to spend more time bringing their virtual designs to life,” says David Xing, Founder of Plott. “As a result, we created the only interactive, AR driven platform that provides DIYers with the tools to imagine their creations in the digital form, then guide them in the actual space to complete their real-life projects. Plott is the ultimate home improvement tool no matter how much experience the user has or how challenging the project is.”

Plott’s integrated hardware includes Cubit, which features a rubber wheel for measuring along any surface, dual lasers for measurement accuracy, and a digital screen that clearly guides users to the coordinates of their physical indoor project. Coming soon is Plott’s Carta, measuring wheel-style tool that virtually maps any outdoor space as you walk in real time.

Within the LetsPlott app, users can see exactly how a project will look, make notes, and even add images and links. The final step is to seamlessly transfer the curated design from the digital concept back into the real world.

The LetsPlott app and Platform is available now on iOS and Android. Cubit (MSRP $99) will be available for purchase in March 2019, while Carta (MSRP ≈ $150) will launch in Q3 2019. For more information on Plott’s award-winning technology and products, visit

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