Digital Fashion Week New York: Reimagining the Future of Phygital Fashion

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The 2023 Digital Fashion Week New York was a three-day event that was a hub for phygital fashion experiences. Merging the physical and digital fashion worlds, the Web3 event provided audiences with immersive phygital fashion experiences, as well as informative discussions, and networking opportunities, and acted as a digital venue for independent designers around the world to showcase their designs.

In a press release shared with ARPost, the Digital Fashion Week NY team expected to see a variety of attendees, including industry specialists, tech CEOs, fashion industry executives, investors, designers, and artists, among other guests.

Phygital Fashion Took the Center Stage

The three-day event kicked off on Thursday, February 9, with a Networking and Speaker Summit, which featured global panel discussions on the role of AI in transforming design protocols. On Friday, February 10, the event hosted the opening of the Metaverse Fashion Experience where attendees could explore virtual worlds through digital avatars. These digital avatars donned custom special drops from digital fashion week design winners.

Aside from the opening of the Metaverse Exhibition, there were also global panel discussions. Some of the members of the panel and speakers during the panel discussions included ZERO10’s Chief Product Officer Maxim Raykhrud, Exclusible’s Chief Commercial Officer Olivier Moingeon, and Sensorium’s Deputy CEO Sasha Tityanko.

During the last day of the Digital Fashion Week NY, Saturday, February 11, attendees could experience an array of immersive digital experiences, which combined physical and digital assets. These phygital fashion experiences included holograms, virtual showrooms, and animation screenings from some of the world’s leading artists and fashion designers who work within the Web3 space.

ZERO10 at the 2023 Digital Fashion Week NY

The AR fashion platform ZERO10 also showcased activations, alongside LODE. Through these phygital fashion experiences, attendees were able to learn more about how modern technology could play a role in transforming digital fashion and how this, in turn, could give them a new channel for self-expression.

Aside from activations, ZERO10 also showcased a recreation of five designs from independent phygital fashion designers, in particular, pieces from Private Policy’s Fall/Winter ‘23 collection, transforming them into augmented reality.

ZERO10 designs on Digital Fashion Week NYC 2023

Private Policy, a New York-based inclusive fashion brand, debuted its F/W ‘23 collection, entitled “We Are All Animals” and is a celebration of the interconnectedness of all the earth’s living beings. Pieces from the collection featured graphic designs of endangered and critically endangered species, such as the Amur Leopard and the Yangtze Finless Porpoise.

The collection combines utilitarian features, such as harnesses and tactile pockets, with sustainable materials. For instance, components like slanted checker pieces are made using reclaimed or unwanted denim garments, while statement outerwear designs are crafted using recycled poly faux fur.

Aside from promoting sustainability through the collection’s materials, Private Policy’s newest collection also distills the beauty and vigor of nature, combining it with elements that give it an urban edge.

Of the five designs, two had physical representations that were showcased at the show in New York City on February 11. These physical representations will also be made available for viewing in London on February 18. The Digital Fashion Week London runs from Friday, February 17 to Saturday, February 18.

ZERO10 on Digital Fashion Week 2023 NYC - The Marine Explorer #manipulator

As for the other three designs, they will remain digital and will be made available for NYFW 2023 guests to try on. Furthermore, Private Policy’s collaboration with ZERO10 will enable fans to virtually try on pieces from the collection via the ZERO10 app.

Through ZERO10’s integration, attendees and fashion enthusiasts have a new way of interacting and learning more about immersive phygital fashion through augmented reality.

Aside from ZERO10 and LODE, some of the other artists, designers, and brands that were present during the Digital Fashion Week NY included Anastasia Sladkova, Clo B, DOPE GLOBAL, Maya ES, MOS Brand, Schieva x Tokyo White, Tony Murray, and Zoha Khan. S

Digital Fashion Week - phygital fashion - Design by Maya ES
Fashion by Maya ES