DEVAR Launches Neural Network for AR Content Creation

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The problem with today’s AR content creation platforms is that their output is usually suitable for powerful phones. But many consumers use older or budget smartphones. And they deserve to enjoy AR experiences as well. With this idea in mind, DEVAR prepares to launch the first neural network for AR content creation for augmented reality projects adapted to all devices.

The Latest Mission of DEVAR: Creating AR Content for Everyone

Big brands and gaming corporations hire experienced designers and developers to create their AR content. And they usually target consumers with new flagship phones. When someone with an older or budget model tries to install top AR apps and games, they find that they are either incompatible with their phone or they won’t run properly.

The Generative AR Platform featuring a neural network for AR will change that. Every content creator can generate 3D objects, without having to figure out all the technical detail. Moreover, these objects will be optimized for any kind of devices, including older and entry-level models.

Key Advantages of DEVAR’s Neural Network for AR

The new platform for creating AR content has several advantages that will likely attract a large number of users. First of all, the platform includes DEVAR’s no-code platform MyWebAR. Launched in 2021, this service allows users to create AR content for web (WebAR) – which can be displayed directly in a web browser, without the need to install an app.

Also, the neural network for AR will calculate all the necessary parameters for creating the 3D objects, including the number of polygons, the presence of textures, and the correct topology.

An experienced designer would need several hours to determine these parameters. The Generative AR Platform performs the computations in seconds.

Finally, the 3D objects generated by the neural network for AR can be used in two ways: as AR content and as markers.

Making AR Creation Simpler Will Increase Adoption Rate Among All Industries

AR is already in use in various fields, but more aspects of our life and work can benefit from it. But the problem is that it is still new territory, and experienced designers are very expensive to hire.

DEVAR plans to solve this issue. “Professional studios usually have no problem with creating new characters for AR – they have 3D artists, designers, and animators on staff to do this,” said the company founder and CTO, Andrei Komissarov, in a press release.  “But according to the data of our no-code platform MyWebAR, 60% of users have no experience creating AR. One of the main issues that becomes a barrier to their entry into the industry is the creation of 3D assets.”

Apart from the neural network for AR, the Generative AR Platform offers users a large library containing thousands of 2D and 3D objects they can use to create their own content.