A Bedside Wireless Charging Station and Sleep Aid

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HyperCube joins Ampere’s wireless charging family, an ever-growing line-up that includes Unravel, which became the most funded wireless charger in crowdfunding history in 2019. We’re more reliant on our smartphones than ever before and while it does make our lives better, there’s one area of life where it’s making things worse – sleep. HyperCube is a feature-packed bedside charging station and sleep aid that will simplify your life, get your routine sorted and transform your entire day.

HyperCube is made up of five panels — three are dedicated to wireless charging and two help perform tasks that are regularly carried out before and after sleep. HyperCube has a compact, modular design and was made for sitting on nightstands — it has a patent-pending hinge design, which means it can be laid flat, used in cube-mode or folded into an easy-to-carry 2” stack.

Fast-charge three devices at once
At its core, HyperCube is a wireless charging station. Using the same wireless charging tech found on Unravel, HyperCube features three 10W Qi-wireless coils to fast-charge your qi-enabled devices.
Recharge Your Devices and Recharge Yourself
While we all focus most of our attention on recharging our devices before bed, HyperCube was designed to help you recharge yourself as well. HyperCube has been designed as the ultimate bedside companion. It comes equipped with everything you need to wind down at night, keep you asleep and wake up in the morning.

The LED light panel at the back of HyperCube can be used as a bedside lamp, reading light or mood light — you decide the color and brightness. Before you ease yourself into bed, choose a warm color to prepare yourself mentally for sleep.

You can set a light and sound alarm to help get you out of bed in the morning. Using either a gradually increasing light, sound or both — HyperCube’s inbuilt alarm system will wake you up peacefully.