70% of the 20 Best-rated Quest 2 Apps are Now Available on Pico 4

You are currently viewing 70% of the 20 Best-rated Quest 2 Apps are Now Available on Pico 4
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The standalone VR market is continuing to grow, and with it, we’re increasingly seeing platform competition for quality content. Pico made its biggest push into consumer VR so far with the launch of the Pico 4 last year, and the company has been gaining ground on getting top VR content onto its store.

Top Quest Apps Showing up on Pico 4

Looking at the 20 best-rated apps on the Quest store (data as of April 2023), to date 70% of the list is available on Pico’s standalone headset:

Title Pico 4 Quest 2
Moss: Book II
The Room VR: A Dark Matter
Puzzling Places
Walkabout Mini Golf
I Expect You To Die 2
DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate
PatchWorld – Make Music Worlds
I Expect You To Die
Red Matter 2
Ancient Dungeon
Into the Radius
The Last Clockwinder

Another way of looking at Pico’s content traction is by the 20 most-rated apps on the Quest store. Breaking it down that way (data as of April 2023), 50% of the list is now available on Pico.

Title Pico 4 Quest 2
Beat Saber
Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
Vader Immortal: Episode I
Job Simulator
The Room VR: A Dark Matter
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
Resident Evil 4
The Thrill of the Fight
Walkabout Mini Golf
Pistol Whip
Eleven Table Tennis
Virtual Desktop
Vader Immortal: Episode III
A Township Tale

Building good VR hardware is really just half the battle when it comes to being a serious player in the industry. The other half is getting compelling content onto the headset.

While Quest 2 still has a considerably larger library of apps and several big standalone exclusives (like Beat Saber) Pico looks to be doing a pretty good job so far in its push to legitimize its platform by making sure that some of the top VR content is available for its customers.

And there’s likely more to come. The company has yet to launch its latest Pico 4 headset in the US, which is a major VR market of both customers and developers. Without the US market in play, there’s less incentive for VR developers to bring their apps to Pico. But if Pico finally launches its headset in the US, it could be the nudge needed for more top VR content to make the leap to the store.

Special thanks to @CkYLee for helping to title availability on the Pico store